Detroit: A Progressive Utopia

    I grew up in Detroit. I went to high school in what can be considered an ‘inner ring’ suburb, went to college at the University of Michigan nearby, and did my graduate work at Wayne State University downtown. After medical school, I came back and did residency outside of Detroit, and even finished my residency up in Flint, MI.  My parents still live in the | Read More »

    Thoughts On The Immigration Proposal

    So the Gang of Eight (I prefer Banda de los Ocho myself) is about to release their plan for immigration reform, after months of behind closed door dealing, leaks, intrigue, accusations, and other nonsense. According to the National Review, these are the key points to the proposal: 1.  Modernizing the legal immigration system There will be a shift away from the current family-based system, and more emphasis on giving visas | Read More »

    Gov. Kasich Should Lead On Medicaid Reform

    Gov. John Kasich has largely been a conservative success story.  He became the Governor of the great state of Ohio with an $8 billion deficit and lagging economy.  Today, Ohio has a surplus, is adding jobs monthly, and is considering significant across the board tax cuts to stimulate the economy more. But on health care, John Kasich is so far failing. Last month, Kasich announced | Read More »

    “All right, Mr. McCain, I’m ready for my close-up.”

    Let us start by stating a fact:  John McCain is a true American hero.  His military service, and even much of his political career, is to be praised and appreciated. He has given his life to public service, and I truly respect that. But Mr. McCain has officially jumped the shark. Sen. McCain along with with comrade-at-arms Sen. Lindsey Graham seem to believe they live | Read More »

    Conservatives, Step Back From The Ledge

    O.K., we took a beating.  Hell, we got pummeled.  Obama and his colleagues took every bit of conservative conventional wisdom (and even some liberal conventional wisdom), turned it on its head, and smacked us silly with it.  In one night, we lost the White House, lost seats in the Senate; we did take some governorships, and yes, held the House of Representatives, but lost Allen | Read More »

    Is Romney Rerunning Kerry 2004? Yes and No.

    There are few ideas that would scare any Republican more than saying that Mitt Romney is turning into John Kerry…but there is at least some evidence that may be showing just that.  This is not a new idea, as even some of his Republican opponents in the primary suggested the comparison.  But is the comparison valid? I think in many ways Romney is a superior candidate to Kerry | Read More »

    Obama’s Middle East Delusion

    The response from this administration from the widespread protests through out the Muslim world is more than worrisome. It is, in some ways, a vision of a world that doesn’t exist other than in the movies and in Obama’s press releases.  It is a completely failure to grasp reality; in short, they are deluding themselves into believing their own press releases. On Friday, White House | Read More »

    Arab Fall

    The Arab Spring was a time for hope and joy, supposedly.  Barack Obama, after giving his now famous Cairo speech in early 2009, took credit for much of the transformation of the North African portion of the Middle East, which largely consisted of removing Moumar Qaddafi and Hosni Mubarak, among with the ouster of totalitarians in Tunisia and Yemen. But as always, actions have repercussions. | Read More »

    Senate Predictions, Post Missouri/Akin?

    You can see my July predictions here.  This previous post gives my breakdown of the strategies of the races, the candidates at that time, etc.   This post mostly focuses on any interval changes. 1. Massachusetts The race between Sen. Scott Brown and Harvard Professor Elizabeth Warren has been heated and likely will be the most expensive Senate race this year.  A PPP poll released today shows Brown with | Read More »

    Todd Akin Must Go

    There are very few things in life that I thought would make me call for the resignation of a politician.  Clear corruption and dereliction of duty, surely.  Treason, obviously.  If they stated “Hail Hitler” on the floor of Congress. Somehow Rep. Akin found a new one. Rep. Todd Akin, the Republican nominee for Senate in Missouri who is running against Sen. Claire McCaskill, justified his opposition | Read More »