First Degree Murder is defined as a death resulting from a premeditated act. How does abortion not fit this description? If someone were to attack and kill a pregnant woman, they could concurrently be charged with the death of the unborn child as well. Why is it any different for a woman to knowingly and purposely end the life of her unborn child? As a Christian, I believe that life begins upon conception, and from that moment an unborn child is a living human being. Barack Obama professes to be a follower of Christ, yet champions abortion as the right of a mother. He believes this choice should be extended, even to the latter stages of pregnancy. How can someone who professes to believe in the God who gives us life and breath, but uphold the choice of someone to knowingly end the life of a defenseless child? Abortion is an offense of the most deplorable fashion, and is, at it’s core no less than premeditated murder. People can rationalize (albiet with a false rationale) and call the child a “fetus” but it is a life. I think that conservatives and liberals alike believe in this country, and hope to see it prosper, we just have varying ideas on how to reach that goal. The abortion debate, however, is an issue more important than the economy, the war, or our global perceptions. How can someone as a christian, or even as simply a moral person see merit in the casting of a vote for a man who supports unbridled, unequivocal, and unapologetic Murder. Vote for issues you believe in, Vote for the direction of this country, but understand the ramifications of an Obama presidency. Annually 750,000 children have been aborted in this country since the Roe vs. Wade Supreme Court decision in 1973. That is more than 26 million Americans who have been denied their constitutional RIGHT to LIFE in the 35 years since. A vote for Barack Obama is an endorsement of this policy and to remain complicent in this is to go against the very values set forth by our founding fathers in the United States Constitution. What if one of those children was the next Martin Luther King, the next Bill Gates, the next Albert Einstein? We would not have these people and the world, as a whole, would be the poorer for it.

Think about it.

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