The unathorized opinions of a commentator sworn to official silence.

For over a decade New Netherlander wrote regularly on sanctioned topics at several national publications and websites. He has over two decades experience serving in the Departments of Defense and State, a decade in the private sector, and is approaching the day he can once again go on the record on any and every topic.


    Report: Increased Middle East Instability Was an Obama Objective

    Another curious report surfaces to add to the “What Were They Thinking?” file: Part of [America’s] international appeal derives from the perception that we’re usually on the side of freedom. Yet reform, not revolution, should be our watchword; preserving our position should be our highest goal. Our foreign-policy establishment doesn’t always share this view. That was on display at times in America’s response to the | Read More »

    The Sunset of My Official Silence

    For over a decade I have stood by and watched, unable by choice to speak. Now, however, my Adventures in Officialdom are coming to a close. So this small effort is an exercise of sorts, intended to resharpen my quill, direct some important thoughts at the unthinking among us, and rejoin once again the effort to return America to her founding principles and virtue. Wish | Read More »