He has thrice the replies of anyone else

When SwampYankee says, “The Ayers Strategy is working” it is! This is by far the swiftiest, sure way to derail Obama. The evidence is mounting hour by hour and no one here wants to give it credence but SwampYankee. The investigations of Obama have all been on the periphery until now, but as the potential threat of real Socialism nears, people who weren’t interested before are now fervently pitching in, and new information is popping up all over. Obama and Ayers worked side-by-side on a 5-man board for seven years handing out hundreds of millions of dollars (some to Hamas, some to Ayers, some to ACORN, some to Obama); Michelle Obama and Bernardine Dohrn worked in the same law firm, where Michelle’s own biography says she met Barack; Barack and Ayers attended Columbia University at the same time, and Obama won’t release his college records….. we know that! That’s more than enough for me, but not for the mainstream media…Jack Kelly @ Toledoblade.com and a lot of other people out here are working into the wee hours to uncover this stuff and the results are slow but very positive. I’ll say again, when I wrote “A Call to Arms” earlier today, I was simply trying to encourage everyone to join in the search. This is the first time I’ve ever been on a blog site, and I entered only because of the obvious high intellect in the narratives. I didn’t expect to get trounced by my fellow conservatives, called a clown and a nitwit and told I needed to go to church, for suggesting that everyone pitch in an hour of their time, using whatever special expertise they enjoy to help speed the vetting of Obama. ‘Birds of a feather flock together’, and these people have been skulking around under our noses for too long! Anyone who wants to pitch in, give me a ring………

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