A Gender War in Redstate Comments?

    First, full disclosure. I am a Conservative Reagan Republican woman. I find it a bit sad, and even a bit comical, that I feel the need to disclose my gender. But it seems that a small group of males on Redstate have turned gender into an issue in comments they have made on two recent posts. I rarely post and seldom comment on Redstate. But, I do read posts and comments here, | Read More »

    Did Gingrich Cross Swords with Palin or Cross the Rubicon Today?

    What did New Gingrich intend to accomplish this morning? Did he merely cross swords with Sarah Palin, his potential rival for the Republican presidential nomination in 2012? Or, did he cross the Rubicon, making conflict with Reagan-Conservative Republicans in all fifty states inevitable? This morning, on a Fox morning talk-show, Gingrich arrogantly scolded Conservative Republicans for contributing money and moral support to Hoffman, NY-23, conservative candidate for Congress. Gingrich–a Hamiltonian nationalist if there ever was one–suddenly morphed, | Read More »

    Book Notes 2nd Week: Will America’s Real Fascists Please Stand Up?

    This question is posed and pondered by Jonah Goldberg in his introduction to Liberal Fascism. I began reading his book a couple of days ago and soon found myself delving into French Revolution history because Benito Mussolini, Goldberg says, built his fascist policies on those the Jacobins put into operation while they ruled France during their Reign of Terror. Goldberg devotes his first chapter to the rise | Read More »

    Book List: A Socialist’s/Humanist’s Message to Garcia

    It’s a good rule of thumb to learn something about an author before taking what he/she says at face value. Elbert Hubbard was a Socialist and a Humanist whose belief system informed his writings, including his ode to independent action that leads to collective success, known as “A Message to Garcia”. In 1893 Hubbard stopped selling soap, left his wife and children behind in Illinois and moved to East | Read More »

    The Teddy Kennedy Story

    The Teddy Kennedy Story:  The Story of His Life Teddy always got what Teddy wanted. Except for once. The grim reaper arrived before his vote in the Senate for Obama Health Care did.  And America breathed a big sigh of relief. The end