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    Open Letter to Mitt Romney– from the Next Generation

    Dear Governor Romney, I’ll start by honestly saying that you were not my favorite candidate in the primaries.  I supported Rick Perry and Rick Santorum, both of whom you sparred with in debates and on the campaign trail.  In those discussions, I did see in you a candidate who handled himself well under pressure.  In most cases, you kept your composure even when under incredible | Read More »

    Thoughts on Gay Marriage

    Gay marriage has been the hot topic for the last few days, following the completion of President Obama’s “evolving” views on the issue.  While his announcement of support for gay marriage came as a surprise to no one, it has still served to spark a media uproar concerning the public’s views on it.  31 states have already been given the opportunity to legalize gay marriage– | Read More »

    The Case for a Vice-President DeMint

    The one name that might be able to seal the election for Mitt Romney is probably one of the only names I haven’t heard even thrown around by pundits on both sides of the aisle.  They seem to be hugely overlooking South Carolina Senator Jim DeMint.  Why is he being overlooked?  He has one of if not the most conservative record in the Senate.  He’s | Read More »

    National ALS Awareness Month

    I’ll be covering Rick Santorum’s endorsement of Mitt Romney a bit more in depth later on, but for now I thought this was more pressing.  May is ALS Awareness month.  This is very important to me, because my family has been affected by ALS. If you’re not aware of what ALS is, this part is for you.  ALS (also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease, after | Read More »

    Santorum Endorses Romney

    In an email to supporters tonight, Rick Santorum endorses Mitt Romney. He mentioned the meeting he has with Romney on Friday, which lasted more than an hour, and some of the topics discussed. They included the importance of families in America and keeping them an integral part of the economy, the role of “commonly overlooked” groups– social conservatives, Tea Partiers, and middle and low income | Read More »

    I don’t envy Julia!

    Whoever Julia really is, she must be feeling pretty special (if she’s an Obama supporter; because she got turned into a faceless surrogate for the campaign).  The political world has been captivated by her for the past few days.  Apparently, all of us should strive to be just like this Julia or we’re somehow not thinking straight– oh, and we don’t care about the poor.  | Read More »

    The American Genocide

    You don’t often hear the words “American” and “genocide” in the same sentence, do you?  The genocide during the Holocaust is well known, and genocide is a crime against humanity.  On September 11, 2001, Americans were killed on our own soil.  However, there is a genocide going on within the borders of the United States that too many are overlooking– it is happening through abortion.  | Read More »

    The Case for a Strong Congress

    I think many Americans have been focusing on an issue this primary season that, although very important, has not been the core issue that should have dominated our thinking.  Electability has been a huge argument for Mitt Romney as he battled his Republican challengers; Romney is more electable, pundits would say, but Santorum has real convictions.  Which would you rather have?  Apparently, electability won out | Read More »

    What is Conservatism? [Part 2]

    Conservatism:  The disposition to preserve or restore what is established and traditional and to limit change (via Another definition comes from the World English Dictionary:  A political philosophy advocating the preservation of the best of the established order in society and opposing radical change (also at  What does this have to do with anything?  Well, the very definitions of conservatism are the exact | Read More »

    Smart Girl Politics Action!

    Smart Girl Politics Action has relaunched, turning it into a more interactive website designed to help activists volunteer more effectively! In the words of Stacy Mott, founder of SGP: “The new online homebase will continue to provide our members and supporters the latest information on hot topics, congressional activities, and what is going on at SGPA. It will also allow us to support a | Read More »