Democrat’s on Economics: its all child’s play

    The economy is showing signs of sputtering to a halt. Unemployment claims are rising. New job creation numbers would be laughable if not so serious a matter. The Democrat Party and President Obama refuse to stop the Trillions of dollars in looming tax increases that will be squeezed from the People starting January 1, 2011. Democrat Leaders are shamelessly spending trillions of dollars more than | Read More »

    President Obama’s Three-card Monte trick

    On Tuesday August 10, 2010 President Obama signed a 26 billion dollar stimulus bill that is claimed by Democrat leaders to save the jobs of 300,000 teachers, police and fire personnel that have either been laid off or are in danger of being laid off. Mr. Obama, at the ceremonial signing of this bill into law claimed “We can’t stand by and do nothing while | Read More »

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    Obama’s magical math

    While Michelle Obama lounges on Spanish beaches and dines in the company of Royalty together with 40 of her closest friends, President Barack Obama is busy traveling around the nation attempting to convince Americans that the U.S. economy is in a state of recovery. Today he flew a grand total of six miles from the White House, by helicopter aboard Marine 1, to the Gelberg | Read More »

    First Lady vacations while Americans starve

    Despite the continued recession in the United States, and her husband racking up trillions of dollars in new debt on the backs of the American People, and with the American People facing the largest tax increase in the history of the United States, yesterday first Lady Michelle Obama her daughter Sasha along with her entourage of 70 secret Service agents and 40 personal friends, landed | Read More »

    Mayor Bloomberg Celebrates Mosque at Ground Zero: claims religious freedom

    On Friday 8/3/2010, speaking from Governor’s Island, Mayor Michael Bloomberg of NYC, gave his support to the construction of a mosque a mere 600 feet from Ground Zero, stating opponents were trampling on religious freedom.  The diminutive mayor’s comments were in response to the decision of the Landmarks Preservation Commission  who, according to the NY Post, yesterday morning paved the way for the construction of | Read More »

    Obama Summertime Blues

    President Barack Obama and the Democrat Party rammed through Congress an almost $800,000,000,000 stimulus plan in the beginning of 2009 in an effort to jump start the economy. Later the CBO would estimate the total cost to the taxpayer as over $860,000,000,000. Wild claims were made by the administration including one that unemployment would not rise to more than 8%(today it is a steady year-long | Read More »

    Obama takes credit where credit is not due.

    Today President Obama, never one to hide from sympathetic Media and supporters, announced that he would be drawing down all combat operations in Iraq by the end of this month. He claimed credit for the success of creating the conditions in Iraq to allow the withdrawal of troops from combat operations. Mr. Obama also announced that approximately 50,000 troops will remain in Iraq in support | Read More »

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    President Obama introduces the Chevy Volt: Announces pricing, tax incentives

    President Obama defended his bailout of the auto industry on Friday by taking a tour of two Detroit factories in a media event.  The Chrysler and General Motors factories are of the two domestic auto companies that Obama controls. As a shining example of the success of a government and private industry “cooperation;” Mr. Obama took a ride in Chevy’s newest vehicle the “Volt.” This | Read More »

    Obama planning amnesty for illegal aliens without consent of Congress

    For more than a month now, a rumor has been swirling around Washington D.C. that the Obama administration was looking for a way to bypass Congress to make any changes to current U.S. immigration law. The rumor was that any changes to immigration would be made through executive order. This concept supposedly arose out of the Congressional Democrats unwillingness to take on yet another potentially | Read More »

    Mexico annexes Staten Island, New York

    In the wake of several physical assaults made on Hispanic men in the Port Richmond area of Staten Island since April, the Mexican Consulate in New York has decided to station their personnel there to prevent any further violence. The crimes are currently under investigation by NYPD as possible hate crimes. According to Staten Island Live:  “the victim in the most recent attack, a 40-year-old | Read More »