Nick Ottens is an historian from the Netherlands and editor of the transatlantic news and commentary website Atlantic Sentinel. He is also a contributing analyst with the geostrategic consultancy firm Wikistrat. Politically, he sympathizes with classical liberalism. Economically, he champions laissez-faire.


    Obama: Budget Cutters “Impatient”

    President Barack Obama has called critics who point out that his budget falls short of restoring fiscal balance “impatient.” After running multitrillion dollar deficits for two years though and bracing for a third, how much more patience does he want? The president introduced a $3.7 trillion budget on Monday that included $100 billion in yearly spending cuts. While his budget would achieve $1.1 trillion in | Read More »

    Republicans Seek to Block Net Neutrality

    The new conservative majority in the House of Representatives moved to block the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) from implementing rules designed to prohibit broadband providers from interfering with Internet traffic on their networks. With a 244-181 House vote on Thursday, Republicans succeeded in attaching an amendment to a sweeping spending bill that would bar the FCC from using public funding in enforce its “network neutrality” | Read More »

    British National Health Service “Inhumane”

    Earlier this week, Britain’s National Health Service Ombudsman came out with a grim report about the current state of health care in the United Kingdom. A number of terrible instances of neglect can be read in The Telegraph. Here is how the ombudsman summed it up: The findings of my investigations reveal an attitude—both personal and institutional—which fails to recognize the humanity and individuality of | Read More »

    What Democrats Like Government To Do

    What is the purpose of government? The public debate in America has once again turned to this all important question and for the first time in a long time, the country elected legislators last fall who adhere to a radically different view about the role of government than is the consensus. Most politicians—and voters—left and right agree that government should not only provide basic security | Read More »

    Class Politics According to The Huffington Post

    Since President Barack Obama’s budget for the fiscal year 2012 only cuts domestic discretionary spending and leaves entitlements and defense untouched, the Federal Government will remain in the red for probably this entire decade unless Congress pushes for deeper spending cuts. Domestic discretionary spending doesn’t even account for 15 percent of the president’s $3.7 trillion budget. Only by reining in entitlement spending or dramatically raising | Read More »

    Paul Krugman’s Big Government Fantasies

    Economist and New York Times contributor Paul Krugman rallies against Republicans’ spending cuts in his latest column, blaming them for sacrificing America’s future in favor of short term political gain. Krugman notes that while the majority of Americans support budget cuts, they actually like to keep the government spending that benefits them. Thus, “Republicans don’t have a mandate to cut spending,” he believes. The fact | Read More »

    Get Rid of Fannie and Freddie!

    While the Dodd-Frank financial reform bill, which, according to one of its designers, will prevent financial crises in the future, didn’t even mention the primary instigators of the subprime mortgage catastrophe, Washington is now finally wondering what to do about the government-sponsored enterprises known as Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Together, these benevolent institutions either provided or purchased half of all subprime mortgages in the | Read More »

    Obama: Companies Responsible for Raising Living Standards

    From the diaries by Leon… Defending his administration’s push to enhance regulation of private enterprise, President Barack Obama told a Chamber of Commerce audience on Monday that companies have a responsibility to ensure that everyone profits from their expansion. If we’re fighting to reform the tax code and increase exports, the benefits cannot just translate into greater profits and bonuses for those at the top. | Read More »

    Harry Reid And Government Given Rights

    In response to Republicans’ effort to repeal health care reform, Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada complained on the floor of the Senate on Wednesday that the opposition intends to “take away rights patients already have—rights that,” according to Reid, “are saving lives, saving money and saving Medicare.” What Republicans refuse to understand—or at least what they hope the people don’t realize—is that in America, | Read More »

    House Republicans Announce $74 Billion in Cuts

    House Republicans announced Thursday that they will cut $74 billion from the president’s budget for the current fiscal year. Just $32 billion will be slashed before the end of the calendar year however—far less than the $100 billion Republicans promised ahead of November’s congressional elections. According to Wisconsin Republican Paul Ryan, who chairs the House budget committee, it’s just a start. “The spending limit measure | Read More »