[What I want to know is, who told ’em “Go with Mitt?”]

    [Don’t get me wrong: Mitt Romney’s a good guy. But if he was pulling in 20K crowds when he was running for President then he’d have gotten the nomination.] [Look, lurkers, face it: the base loves Palin. And if any of you are thinking that you might like to have anything resembling political serenity in the immediate future, you need to start hammering down your | Read More »

    Obama lacking more than expierience

    Barack Obama has been in the senate for 4 years years. I personally think that is way too short to be the leader of our nation. John Mccain with 35 years in the senate seems to definetely be the right choice. Expierience, Knowledge and being in Washington for so long should show everyone he is ready to lead our country. Other than Obama lacking expierience | Read More »

    Mccain Miserably Failing

    John Mccain had in the bag! Everything was going smooth until Sarah Palin opened her chops. Im a fan and supporter of Mccain and Palin. Although her remarks about forein policy were not smart whatsoever. Mccain should of told her to just be quiet and give general answers that neither help her nor hurt her. Am i wrong?

    What Obama will do wrong

    Want to know what Obama will do if he gets elected? Double capital gains taxesIncrease FICA taxes by 14 points!Double tax on dividendsExpand the inheritance taxWeaken the patriot act! LEAVING US VONERABLE TO TERRORISM! Weaken education standards!Expand health care so much that it forces us to ration medical care.extend health insurance benifits to illegal immigrants. Nobody wants that!vote John Mccain