Was Andrew Breitbart Murdered?

    Was conservative activist Andrew Breitbart murdered? It is possible and the issue must be raised for one reason only: Because knowing the malicious temperament of the radical left in America that hated Breitbart, we should not rule out that they killed him. Breitbart is reported to have been suffering a heart condition over the last few years and he lived a highly stressful life. And | Read More »

    Horny Feminists Now Want Subsidized Sex

    There’s a comedy sketch from the 1990s about a male character who stops having sex and becomes a scholar as a result, while a female who starts to have more and more sex becomes an intellectual vegetable. And don’t go thinking that this is funny. If you want to know why our society at its height of prosperity, opportunity and advanced technology has fallen off | Read More »

    Vindictive Left Targets Palin

    E-mails recently released by the state of Alaska from the tenure of Republican governor Sarah Palin expose a coordinated assault on her from the Democrat left. Palin felt that the increasing numbers of lawsuits and investigations into her governorship were thwarting her efforts at running the state efficiently, leading to her eventual resignation. “I can’t afford this job,” she wrote in one e-mail. “I can’t | Read More »

    Romney Wins Twice; Let Him be ‘Rich’

    Mitt Romney won the Arizona GOP primary handily and won the Michigan primary by a small margin. Romney should have won Michigan by a larger margin. He was born in and grew up in Michigan, and his father George once was CEO of American Motors who then became governor of Michigan. Romney said after the win that “I’m going to deliver on more jobs, less | Read More »

    Economy Needs Major Fix

    The American economy today is in a ‘death spiral’. It can be fixed with the right policies, although the Democrats are doing everything they can to force us down this dead-end road. They wish to stall the economy so that the federal government gets more and more power through dependence and the private sector loses most of its power. It is classic socialism. Rush Limbaugh | Read More »

    US Should Leave Syria Alone

    Well, here we go again. An uprising and subsequent government crackdown in Syria are being seen as an opportunity to “liberate” another Middle Eastern nation from an authoritarian regime, this one run by the al-Assad family. But America should keep out of Syrian affairs. From Iraq to Syria to Libya to Egypt, all of these nations were better off before the US and the ‘world | Read More »

    Santorum is Correct about ‘satan’

    Presidential candidate Rick Santorum said this in 2008 to students at Ave Maria University in Florida: “satan has his sights on the United States of America …satan is attacking the great institutions of America, using those great vices of pride, vanity, and sensuality as the root to attack all of the strong plants that has so deeply rooted in the American tradition… This is a | Read More »

    Hooray for Nuclear Power

    The Nuclear Regulatory Commission has approved licenses to build two new nuclear reactors, the first reactors authorized since 1978. This is wonderful news and one optimistic sign about our future energy supplies. We need hundreds of new reactors to update our electricity supply system and to replace coal-fired plants. The reactors will be built in Georgia by a consortium of utilities led by Southern Co. | Read More »

    George Washington’s Farewell Address

    September 17, 1796 Friends, and Fellow-Citizens: The period for a new election of a Citizen, to Administer the Executive government of the United States, being not far distant, and the time actually arrived, when your thoughts must be employed in designating the person, who is to be cloathed with that important trust, it appears to me proper, especially as it may conduce to a more | Read More »

    Can Santorum Win the White House?

    Can former US senator Rick Santorum, who is perceived as a strong conservative, win the White House in November if he becomes the GOP nominee? Yes, certainly, he is electable. To get a perspective, look at the 2008 election. We had a Republican president in George W. Bush with a wildly unpopular Iraq war and then, just as the election loomed, an economic collapse. We | Read More »