‘Occupiers’ Unnerving Lib Elites

    TV actor Alec Baldwin, generally known for his far-left views and his alleged threat to decamp from America if George W. Bush was elected president in 2000, seems to be

    Is Herman Cain Our Man?

    Herman Cain is surging in Republican presidential primary polls supported by us Tea Partiers and conservatives. Yet aren’t we supposed to be “racists” according to insults hurled at us for

    Ghaddafi (Khadafi) (Qadafi) Gone… Now What?

    There’s an old question that asks something like, “What happens after you throw the rascals out?” And that is a question that needs to be answered all over the Middle

    ‘Infrastructure Crisis’ Explained

    Here it comes. Again. We hear this story at least once a year. recently reported: ‘…right now a nationwide transportation system built in the middle of the 20th century

    Debate Was Awful… Yet Somewhat Informative

    I watched the first 40 minutes of the Republican presidential debate last night from Las Vegas and shut it off. I think Michele Bachmann came out strong, although I found

    20 Ways Protesters Ignore Reality

    This whole ‘uprising’ against Wall Street can be debunked easily. It is nothing more than a fake Democrat and socialist and communist movement against capitalism. The socialist left has caused

    Democrats Don’t Seem to Want Elections

    *Writing in the New Republic, former Obama director of the Office of Management and Budget Peter Orszag said in an article called ‘Too much of a good thing – Why

    Where Is Our Society Going?

    (The column below was written by Tom Ross, director of Massachusetts Citizens for Constitution Reform. It appeared at the end of his booklet A Journey Through Your Massachusetts Constitution.) In

    Thinking About Romney

    Last winter I heard Donald Trump interviewed twice on the radio. His direct, confident commentary without a moment of hesitation during extensive questioning made me believe that Trump could easily

    Many Obamas Waiting in the Wings

    We conservatives may think that once Obama is voted out of office that things will get better. And indeed Mitt Romney or Herman Cain or Rick Perry or any of