Washington Post Columnist Praises China, Slams US

    In an opinion column called ‘China is serious about its direction. Why aren’t we about ours?’ ultra-liberal Washington Post columnist Eugene Robinson wrote the following. It is excerpted here, with

    US Constitution is Under Attack

    In an essay called ‘We the people’ loses appeal with people around the world, reporter Adam Liptak said that the US Constitution is falling out of favor around the

    Obama’s Corporate Tax Ploy

    Barack Obama is expected to call for a reduction in the 35% corporate tax rate to a rate closer to that of other industrialized nations, probably in the high 20s.

    ‘Occupiers’ = Greek Terrorists

    Look at this report from from February 12, 2012: ‘(Reuters) – The Greek parliament approved a deeply unpopular austerity bill to secure a second EU/IMF bailout and avoid national

    JetBlue Nation

    (Today is Valentine’s Day. This is an editorial that I wrote about an incident that happened on Valentine’s Day 2007 aboard a JetBlue flight. It is still timely today.) It

    Abortion Flare-Up Exposes Malicious Left

    It’s just amazing to listen to people on the political left in the wake of the ObamaCare demand, now withdrawn in its original form, that would have forced many Catholic

    Obama’s Bank Heist

    What’s the difference between Barack Obama’s $25 billion bank heist of February 9 and a regular street job? Answer: The street robber has a mask of fabric and a gun

    Obama Angers Catholics

    Tens of millions of Catholics across America are outraged over new ObamaCare regulations that will force religious institutions like Catholic schools, charities and hospitals to provide birth-control pills, abortion-producing drugs

    US Has Vast Energy Resources

    If you were raised in the 1960s and 1970s, you heard about ‘energy scarcity’ right from the start. Certain groups with a bias against our advanced lifestyle and our economic

    Conservatives… Relax

    Republicans and conservatives are worrying themselves silly over every word uttered in the primaries and about the electability of a candidate to represent our interests. To which Nikitas3 says: Chill