2010 in Review

    Well, it was quite a year. On January 19, Massachusetts Republican Scott Brown won ‘Ted Kennedy’s seat’ in the US Senate; massive winter storms repeatedly pounded the Mid-Atlantic states and

    NAAWP Needed to Defend Caucasians’ Interests

    Leaflets for a ‘White Student Union’ appeared at West Chester University in Philadelphia in early December and caused an uproar. The leaflets immediately were taken down to mollify concerned students

    East is Rising, West is Declining?

    The East is rising and the West is declining.   India and China are on the rise economically, producing more and more of the world’s wealth and finished goods while

    Rush was Right about Chevy Volt

    Rush Limbaugh was right. Again. He actually got it double-right. After Motor Trend magazine declared the electric/gasoline-powered Chevy Volt its 2011 Car of the Year, Limbaugh asked:   ‘…[O]f all the

    Merry Christmas to All

    In the founding of this great nation, our forefathers faced trials that would have undermined a people less determined, less strong, less creative and less resilient. And in pursuing the

    Little RFK Trashes Fox News

    Environmentalist Robert F. Kennedy Jr. recently blamed the collapse of ‘climate legislation’ on “narcissistic hacks” in Congress and particularly on Republicans and… drum roll, please… Fox News.   Roger Ailes,

    Getting a Spine on Terrorism

    It took the election of a Republican majority to the House of Representatives to finally get some spine on the issue of terrorism. Starting in January, Peter King, the New

    Scott Brown Will Lose in 2012

    Open warfare indeed is breaking out in the Republican party just as some had predicted, from Washington to Massachusetts which bucked the national 2010 trend and retreated into its Democrat

    Gay/Military Vote is Unsound

    If you think that the Senate vote to allow openly-gay troops to serve in the US military is about homosexual rights, come to Massachusetts.   The Senate has voted 65-31

    More Solar Subterfuge

    There is a huge increase in the number of electricity-generating solar panel installations over the last few years. They are everywhere – on house roofs, on business roofs, in utility