Good but Media-Biased Debates Lead to New Hampshire Primary

    There were two Republican presidential debates over the weekend in New Hampshire leading up to Tuesday’s crucial primary, an ABC News/Yahoo debate on Saturday evening and an NBC News/Facebook debate Sunday morning. Both featured liberal moderators asking sometimes accusatory questions of the GOP candidates. David Gregory, who hosted the NBC debate, was especially rude, often cutting off the candidates with a curt “All right…” It | Read More »

    Bachmann Out; Field Heads to New Hampshire

    Congresswoman Michele Bachmann has suspended her presidential campaign after a poor showing in the Iowa Caucuses. Meanwhile the rest of the field has headed to New Hampshire with former US senator Rick Santorum showing Big Momentum after his almost-win in Iowa and Mitt Romney planning to win the Granite State after years of plotting. Meanwhile an angry Newt Gingrich may be taking his campaign forth | Read More »

    Rick Santorum… Wow

    Rick Santorum’s late surge and very strong second-place showing in the Iowa caucuses is a jolt for the Republican primary process. “Game on!” indeed. For months we conservatives have all said that “We love Rick Santorum but he just isn’t getting any traction”. That now has changed. He is now center stage. Indeed the race up until Iowa, without a single vote cast, elevated and | Read More »

    Santorum Surges, Newt Sinks

    Today are the Iowa Caucuses. The 2012 campaign season is kicking off.  Wow. Time sure flies. And while Newt Gingrich seemed to be challenging Mitt Romney just a month ago, the Newt bandwagon has derailed. Iowa is a strange sort of primary – in-home caucus groups meeting across the state – that could have a big surprise like a suddenly strong showing by Rick Santorum | Read More »

    Conservatives Can Look Forward to 2012

    2012 is going to be the most crucial election year in modern American history. Fortunately Barack Obama is unlikely to be re-elected. Generally speaking the numbers against him are simply too overwhelming. But things could change. We conservatives must not become complacent or overconfident. We must think every minute about what 2012 means in our plan to take America back from the jaws of destructive | Read More »

    2011 in Review: RedState Gathering was Exceptional

    (This is a column that I wrote after the RedState gathering August 12-14, 2011. It is re-posted here for your enjoyment and enlightenment.) The RedState event in Charleston, South Carolina last weekend was a real conservative extravaganza. RedStaters should seriously consider attending next year when the gathering is preliminarily set to be held in Florida. The prominence of and the RedState culture is growing, | Read More »

    2011 in Review: Jamie Radtke for US Senate

    (This is a commentary from September 2011 about a great candidate for the US Senate whom I met at the RedState conference in Charleston. It is re-posted here for you enjoyment.) One of the biggest political surprises of 2011 was the announcement by Democrat US senator Jim Webb of Virginia that he is not going to seek re-election after one term in Washington. Webb was | Read More »

    2011 in Review: A Stunning Conservative Victory

    (This commentary was written after a surprise conservative election upset in a long-held Democrat congressional district. It is re-posted here for your enjoyment and enlightenment.) There can be only panic among Democrats over the September 13 special election that gave the US House seat in a strongly Jewish and Orthodox Jewish New York City district called NY-9 to conservative Republican Bob Turner. Democrats have held that seat | Read More »

    2011 in Review: Solyndra Shows ‘Green’ Bubble Bursting

    (This commentary was written after the collapse of Solyndra. It is re-posted here for your reading and enjoyment.) Here is an excerpt from about the failed California solar energy company Solyndra that closed after receiving $535 million in federal loan guarantees:  ‘“Solyndra’s revenues grew from $6 million in 2008 to $100 million in 2009 to $140 million in 2010,” (CEO Brian) Harrison wrote. “For | Read More »

    2011 in Review: Conservatives vs GOP

    (This is an Autumn 2011 commentary re-posted here for your reading and enjoyment.) For years now – decades, in fact – we conservatives have been warned about our platform, our conduct, our demeanor. We have been told to act in a benevolent and compromising manner and are assured that the path to political victory for our movement is in moderation. We are instructed that we must | Read More »