Media bias

    Now, I know you all know about media bias – but here is a new take on this topic. Did anyone see the Alfred E. Smith Charity dinner? Well, I watched it four times on “Hannity and (the other one)” and “One the Record” on FOX. Of course I have to watch FOX because it – while almost a cliché, but rather true is most | Read More »

    End of an era?

    If you watch television (ie. network news, Fox and CNN alike), there is nothing but poison and vile anger towards President Bush, John McCain, and our country. First President Bush – I still believe he is doing what he thinks is right. As a fiscal conservative I agree that the federal government should have very little intervention into the free markets as Bush has said | Read More »

    McCain should go to Congress

    With the first debate on Friday this suggestion may not work because McCain needs the time to really win it on Friday, but I really believe that John McCain should scrap one day of campaigning and head back to Congress to get more than a heads up about these bailouts. I would love for him to go back to Washington so he can take charge | Read More »

    Looking for a job in Houston

    If anyone out there knows of a company that is need of a Sr Finance Analyst in the Houston area, please let me know. After moving to California for my wife to get her doctorate and then moving back to her home state of New York – I have to get to a red state. I’m taking the family to Houston, Texas. Thank you my | Read More »

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    Reflections on a bad week

    Even though I got what John was saying when he said the fundamentals of the economy are strong – the people that don’t have his vote didn’t get it and won’t. The message was a positive one, but while I personally rarely fear anything – I fear that John’s intention of keeping the focus on staying positive for the good of the country is just | Read More »

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