A Call to Arms

    In a small rural courthouse in 1865, the stately and aristocratic Confederate General Robert E. Lee awaited the arrival of his rival, the rugged upstart Union General, Ullyses S. Grant. The differences between the two men were stark. While Lee had a storied and illustrious career, Grant had a more checkered career by virtue of his resigning his commission in the remote West after being | Read More »

    Governor Palin’s three front war

    Senator McCain: Only a week remained until the election when operatives from your ill-fated campaign started leaking details to the press about Governor Palin going “rogue”. Rumor had it that she was running her own campaign within yours, with a focus on a personal run in 2012. Such behavior within your campaign might be part of the reason you lost the presidency to Barack Obama | Read More »

    McCain will win

    With so many polls pointing to an Obama victory, this prediction is definitely one which goes against the trend. With that said, I didn’t make this one up out of nothing. It is apparent that McCain has problems. His Titanic has struck the iceberg and is taking on water fast. His only hope is being towed into port by the strength of his base and | Read More »

    The truth about Debate polling

    With the media so blatantly relishing their self-appointed roles as Obama cheerleaders, it’s quite difficult to get a good enough read on public perception of the debates. So far we have had two debates (McCain/Obama & Palin/Biden), and if we believe the polling data, Obama and Biden are the respective winners. However, I did notice something peculiar in the reaction to both. In the first | Read More »

    The Ghost of Elections Past

    The lessons of history are there for all of our benefit. John McCain would do his campaign well by studying what worked in previous elections, as well as what didn’t work. We’ll look at three elections which I feel have significance. The most obvious parallel is 1976. Gerald Ford had nothing to do with Watergate, but he pardoned Nixon. This, as well as the sin | Read More »