Beware of Indian Electioneering in American Campaign

    The clean little secret is Indian election techniques were used in US with overwhelming success last decade. All these techniques are used against Mr. Ken Cuccinelli and his campaign needs to counter it. FREE STUFF After the 2012, there was an editorial in vernacular (non-english) news paper in India. It lamented the state of American politics. How the election was won in US as in | Read More »

    Governor Kuccinelli – A must win for America

    This is a passionate plea to Ken Cuccinelli to bring clarity to become the next governor of Virginia. But his stand on abortion is going to make key difference and right now it is confusing. It seems Mr. Cuccinelli is for healthy and safe abortion, but against “partial birth” abortion. His web site states, “I believe that all human life is precious, which is why | Read More »

    Rick Santorum for Republican President

    This election provides a very poignant reminder on media’s role in election. I am very much surprised by the strong of showing of New Gingrich in Ohio. Advertising and media had a great role in Ohio outcomes. Voters admire Newt Gingrich and respect him. Newt may be a great debater. But he is not going upstage Obama. Obama’s Harvard speech in 1991 is very impressive | Read More »

    Winning Michigan is not an option, Mr. Santorum

    The issue of Christians and any other religious minorities suffering anywhere in the world is a grave concern. But United States in many cases did not do enough to prevent genocides. You can do something or a comprehensive thing only if you are a president. You may have the looks of James Stewart somewhat and you may be the Mr. Smith went to Washington as | Read More »

    How Rick Santorum can win the nomination and Presidency

    Second Amendment, Abortion, Small Government and School Voucher are stale issues. Do not stuck in there. Few tea party candidates lost due to strong stance on abortion with no exceptions (rape and incest etc.). Abortion is a very serious issue. Main stream media asks a very simple question. Are you against abortion under any circumstance? If a candidate saya yes, his or  her candidacy is over then and there. Most | Read More »

    Senator Orrin Hatch is no Upstate Newyork beans or Florida toasted coffee

    Sarah Palin expressed interest in the candidacy of Republicans of various idealogical spectrum during the 2010 election and many won and some lost. Chief among them was Christine O’Donnell.  Christine O’Donnell faced tremendous negative coverage by the leftist media . She faced the same level of onslaught as George Allen. But leftist media is not the only reason she lost the election. 1. Stance on abortion. Media asks a simple question. | Read More »

    Joe Miller may win if courts rule in his favor with 1554 plus from Questioned, Absentee and Overseas ballots

    I looked at the various possibilities for Joe Miller’s win. If  MIller wins 9000 votes in the absentee, questioned ballots and overseas votes which are going to be counted in following ways Miller can win without hassle. Tuesday, 11/9 – Early votes from Election Day and Absentee ballots – gone already Friday, 11/12 – Questioned ballots Monday, 11/15 – Absentee and/or questioned ballots Tuesday, 11/16 – | Read More »

    A pledge to Delaware – Regulate, Reindustrialize, Reinvest,Reenergize and Refuel

    I did not read the Republican pledge. But read the commentaries on them.  How tax cut to so called rich is going to create a job or any job. How it is going to boost to entrepreneurship?  Many companies are already sitting on billions of dollars of cash.  What is real cause for America’s problems today? The answer may be residential real estate. American wealth is locked | Read More »


    A week in the dinosaur park – Christine O’Donnell canceled the dinosaur media interviews

    Read: Decided not to step on the copralite on Sunday. Who cares about the network TV anyways. They generate news out of the interviews for the cable channels. Washington is not a strange place. There is an association for every cause. Some association is out there for ethics and found problems with politicos. Of course they need to show that they are a non-partisan association. Some | Read More »

    Sarah Palin Endorsed Christine O’Donnell today

    Thank you, Gov. Sarah Palin, for your endorsement on Sean Hannity today. Strong conservative women will take our country back!