Norman Leahy is vice president for public affairs at Tertium Quids, an independent, nonpartisan, issue advocacy organization that promotes legislative efforts to expand individual opportunity and free markets, while reducing the size, role, and cost of government in Virginia.


    School Choice = Selling Children

    On Wednesday morning I threw on a tie and trudged down to the Virginia General Assembly Building to attend hearings on a few bills before the Senate Finance Committee.  Among them was Henrico Del. Jimmie Massie’s education tax credit bill. The bill would have allowed private donors to contribute money into a scholarship fund that, in turn, would help poor and low-income students attend the | Read More »

    Sending congressmen lumps of coal for Christmas

    This is quite funny…a Richmond-area resident has teamed-up with a local radio station to send real lumps of coal to members of Congress (just in time for Christmas): For $7.99 and three optional donation amounts to the Alden Aaroe Shoe Fund holiday drive, Melancon will pack two to three ounces of America’s favorite energy source in a plastic baggy and ship it with a choice | Read More »

    Democrat Steve Shannon Gets Slapped by Virginia NAACP

    Oh, the irony. After Democratic AG candidate Steve Shannon darkly warned that Republican Ken Cuccinelli might be  a closet segregationist because he happens to believe the Tenth Amendment actually means what it says, the Virginia NAACP takes Mr. Shannon (and Bill Bolling) to the woodshed for backing out on their candidate forum: Khalfani mentioned their absences multiple times in front of the more than 100 | Read More »

    WaPo Poll: McDonnell, Bolling, Cuccinelli all +9

    In a shift from their last poll, and in a direction that can only make their editorial board squirm, the Washington Post’s most recent survey finds McDonnell up by nine points on Creigh Deeds: McDonnell leads 53 to 44 percent among likely voters, expanding on the four-point lead he held in mid-September. Deeds’s advantage with female voters has all but disappeared and McDonnell has grown | Read More »

    Cuccinelli v. Shannon…and Comedy Gold

    Greg at the great Black Velvet Bruce Li blog posts a video from the Virginia Attorney General debate last night between Republican Ken Cuccinelli and Democrat Steve Shannon. It’s amusing in that Shannon appears not to understand how the AG’s office is structured, or functions, but does have a firm grasp of his talking points (which, if they came out of a Republican’s mouth, would | Read More »

    The White House Turns Its Back On Deeds

    Promoted from diaries. – Moe Lane. First, it was a “we’ll see” about whether the President would do any more campaigning for Creigh Deeds. Today, it’s no way: The White House is stepping back from lending its heft to a bellwether gubernatorial race in Virginia, party strategists say, seeking to conserve its political capital and avoid close association with a candidate who might lose. And | Read More »

    SurveyUSA: McDonnell +11, Bolling +17, Cuccinelli +10

    The headline numbers show that the GOP statewide candidates are still running strong, but with some tightening at the top and bottom of the tickets, while Republican Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling appears to demolish the virtually-invisible Jody Wagner campaign. A couple of damning points: McDonnell has never dipped below 54 percent in In four identical SurveyUSA tracking polls, and Deeds has never polled above 43 | Read More »

    In Which Tim Kaine Sticks a Fork in Creigh Deeds

    If true, this may make for some interesting talk at the Democratic Party of Virginia’s next mixer. And even more interesting is that it comes from the chairman of the Waynesboro Democratic committee: The bad poll news comes on the heels of a story circulating in Democratic circles today that the Democratic National Committee is reportedly holding on to its $5 million financial commitment to | Read More »

    Rasmussen: McDonnell 51, Deeds 42

    It’s raining polls in Virginia, with the Rasmussen poll the latest to show a substantial McDonnell lead in the gubernatorial sweepstakes: Over the past two weeks, McDonnell’s support has gone up three percentage points while Deeds has lost four points. After closing to essentially a toss-up in mid-September, the race is back to where it was in early September, when the GOP hopeful held a | Read More »

    Double Digit Leads for the GOP in Virginia

    Another poll, this one from SurveyUSA, shows all three of Virginia’s GOP statewide candidates with double digit leads over their Democratic challengers. This one has strong favorable numbers for McDonnell — showing him essentially tied with Deeds in the Democrats’ Northern Virginia base, for example. But more compelling for me are the down ticket races. The LTG race, for example: Incumbent Republican Bill Bolling is | Read More »