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Fifteen year Military Veteran, family man, and devout Constitutional and fiscal Conservative. Member of the Conservative Party USA and a member of the TEA Party. As a veteran, I swore an oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States, against all enemies Foreign or DOMESTIC, and am willing to sacrifice my life for the Constitution and Citizens of the United States, which is the Government of the United States, not the Politicians, Bureaucrats and Civil Servants, who works for the Government.


    To those who call for the impeachment of Barack Hussein Obama:

    NOTE FROM MANAGEMENT: We would like to thank northgaconservative for setting a new high benchmark for stupid. This might be the stupidest thing to ever appear at RedState. Consequently, instead of deleting it, I think it must remain so we can all ridicule the hell out of it. Note to future idiots, this is your benchmark. You will have to aim for even higher levels | Read More »

    The Re-Writing of History is Continuing

    Growing up in the 1970’s and 80’s, I knew what the meaning of the holidays was really about.  We always looked forward to Christmas and Easter Vacations, where we celebrated the birth and death & Resurrection of the Messiah, the Son of God.  But if you ask today’s children what the vacations are about, you will likely hear receiving presents, chocolate, peeps, eggs, Santa and the Easter | Read More »

    Welfare Reform Proposal Unlike Any Before

    The current entitlement process which is hemorrhaging the American taxpayers money in an effort to redistribute income and wealth from individuals who desire to work hard to better themselves and their families to those who have no desire to either work or contribute to the general welfare of our nation, is leading our nation to the brink of complete financial demise.  This is being done | Read More »

    Four Facts that Politicians, Bureaucrats and Civil Servants Don’t Want You To Know

    Four Facts that Politicians, Bureaucrats and Civil Servants don’t want the citizens to know or to be taught in school as they grow up in the government run schools: Fact 1.                 The Politicians, Bureaucrats and Civil Servants ARE NOT the Government of the United States, but merely employees of the Government. Fact 2.                 The Constitution of the United States through the Citizens of the United | Read More »