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    Have the markets gone mad?

    I’m a lot of things. I’m an American, I’m a small business owner, and I’m a conservative. I focus mostly on that last one, conservatism is the answer this country needs. Party label doesn’t always correspond to Conservatism, and we need to hold feet to the fire on that point, even in the Republican Party as the Financial Deform Bill vote showed (thanks a lot | Read More »

    Supreme Court cozies up to immigrants/aliens by a 7-2 margin

    And they overturned Kentucky’s Supreme Court to do so! Meet Jose Padilla. The other one. Maybe it’s the name that brings it out, but he’s a bad apple. Caught in Kentucky with a truck stuffed full of marijuana. His lawyer advised him to plead guilty (he was caught red handed) and so he did, and got what was coming to him. Here’s where it gets | Read More »

    Uh Oh

    We may have just been screwed over on health care reform by the so-called ‘conservative’ democrats once again, and maybe a couple Republicans too. The libtards online are all in a kerfluffle over a ‘compromise’ (I say that in quotes because its really even more intrusive) that would drop the words ‘public option’ in exchange for massively jacking up government intrusion into your private health | Read More »


    Gun Owners of America takes stand against Obamacare

    As if to add emphasis of the vast spectrum of people pushing back against this unconstitutional powergrab by the liberal establishment in Washington, Gun Owners of America, the second largest Second Amendment group in the country – behind only the NRA- is distributing the facts and talking points on Obamacare to it’s entire membership! This is great news, as it represents a way to sidestep | Read More »