I Think Jonathan Chait is Right (which makes me kind of sad)

    I enjoy a decent percentage of what I read in the New Republic.  It’s far from perfect, but when I’m confused about a stance the left has taken, I’m more likely to read some level of sane articulation there than anywhere else. That said, I don’t like Jonathan Chait. At all.  Chait is one of those hyper-partisan “wingers” who adds nothing to the debate most | Read More »

    Robert Reich’s Public Option Video

    I ran across this on The Huffington Post, and then again when recommended by a friend on FaceBook.  It tries to simplfy the “Public Option” for those of us too stupid to understand it. At a time when it’s getting ever harder to do so, I still seek out arguments from all sides. I’ve always liked Reich’s calm manner when presenting himself, but he loses me | Read More »