Presidential Material

    Earlier today streiff (1) rather correctly referred to our current excuse for a Commander-in-Chief as “dishonest and sophomoric” and, with just an additional 57 words in his first paragraph, went a long way towards clarifying the two word term that was still budding in my mind almost six years ago: See Sophomoric Wilsonianism and the Soul of Growing Discontent. (2) While I personally found that | Read More »

    …and she hasn’t learned a d*mn thing.

    It’s hard to believe it has been over six and a half years since I, while still not fully awake on a Saturday morning, mistook FOX’s Dagan McDowell for a serious person and took to the RedState bandwidth to poke at her display of ignorance: “…she was really quite adamant that we (the United States) need to increase gas taxes “to the hilt”…presumably to encourage | Read More »

    Weekend Assignment: See Ignorance in Full Bloom on “Conservative” TV

    I just happened to catch a short segment related to internet privacy just past the midpoint of the Charles Payne show on FOX Business. I’m sure the show will be replayed numerous times tonight and/or this weekend…this short segment is worth 5 minutes to watch. Other that the obvious give away in the title above, I will reserve further comment (and potential tirade) for now…with | Read More »

    The Threshold of a Reckoning (Redux)

    Amid the current unravelling of a policy, a law, a political philosophy, and an entire presidential administration, I once again return to the Ntrepid archives (1a) and look back on the eve of Mr. Obama’s re-election. (Unfortunately, the term “unravelling” denotes a certain permanence that I in no way believe a grudgingly focused, limited media spotlight and a fickle electorate will support. However, I can | Read More »

    Somewhat Wiser Than Before…

    Settle in, this might take a while… Recent headlines of note: Aides Debated Obama Health-Care Coverage Promise – Behind the Scenes, White House Officials Worried About Insurance Pledge (1) and A Dishonest Presidency (2). Both articles are worth reading, not so much for the exposure of a lie that has been obvious to all but the legally brain dead and two time Obama voters from the | Read More »

    “So Began the Black Years…”

    Once again, socialism had failed. While the demarcation, to the extent one really exists, is arguable; understanding the process of failure is just as important as knowing the necessary end state. As you might expect, I cannot help but see the similarities between the book and the history we are currently living… The Party as Supreme “A long time ago we made history; now you | Read More »

    “Clean the ax…now we have nothing.”

    The first chapter of The Case of Comrade Tulayev had me less focused on the plot… the random murder of a high ranking party official in an unavoidably failing fear-based society not too long after a revolution of hope and change…and more on certain details of the backdrop Mr. Serge used to set the story. Yea, I suspect that was the point all along… (For | Read More »

    Still the Smallest of Men…

    Who would have ever guessed that it would be John Kerry, of all people, who would raise the bar so publically, and unintentionally (I think), in my little game by introducing the term “unbelievably small” into the lexicon surrounding this embarrassment of and administration. I think that one is going to stick with them for quite some time. Just over a year ago I noted | Read More »

    Truth Has No Place in the Kind of Tyranny the Republic Has Become

    Under such a title you might expect to find yet another tirade about the shameful performance of the President and his inner cabinet with respect to Benghazi, the maddening behavior of all three official branches of the federal behemoth surrounding Obamacare, or the pathetic tool that is Jay Carney. You may even anticipate a stretch to the leftist media mouthpiece of our government and their | Read More »

    A Much Different World…A Much Different Redstate

    “When someone opens a conversation with a lie it’s difficult to take anything else they have to say seriously.” (1) Substitute “national dialogue” for “conversation” in the above and I cannot imagine a more concise and almost polite way to explain why I have now mostly tuned out every inside-the-beltway rat*astard that doesn’t have the decency to keep his unseemly carcass hidden within the shameful | Read More »