Why is Erick against the Republicans?

    Saw Erick on CNN tonight and it made me sick. He was making sarcastic jokes about our likely nominee (“show Romney a poll and he’ll change his mind!”). It’s no wonder CNN hires him as a token GOP spokesman: first, Erick is not very articulate. But second, as the token “Republican” spokesman, he bashes our eventual nominee, so the liberals on CNN’s panel can yuk | Read More »

    What is wrong with the programming on this site?

    Why does it always tell me, “Duplicate comment detected! Looks like you’ve already posted that” when I hadn’t posted it yet?? It is so frustrating when someone responds to one of my postings, and I then try to answer him back, and the bloody site won’t let my comment go through. That’s just bad, bad programming.

    Romney / Rand Paul ticket?

    I’m predicting Romney will pick Sen. Rand Paul as his running mate. That way, he reaches out to both Tea Party voters and to the Ron Paul supporters, while fending off a Paul third-party bid.

    Does anyone know why Rush pronounces “schedule” like “shedule”?

    It might be some inside joke, but I have no idea, and he’s never explained it… Can anyone explain?

    Electoral college 2012 could be a real squeeker (analysis):

    The electoral college could be another Bush-Gore in 2012. Assuming the GOP nominee holds all the McCain states (a safe assumption), and we flip the following states (another safe assumption): North Carolina, Virginia, Florida, Indiana, Ohio, (and that one Omaha-based electoral vote in Nebraska)… we still lose in the electoral college, 272-266.  And that’s with reapportionment factored in. Therefore, just ONE other state puts us | Read More »

    Time to bring up ANWR?

    Methinks it’s time to rekindle the ANWR debate. Sure, the Dems will say, “it will be ten years before we’ll see any of that oil”, etc. etc. To which, we reply: “Well, we passed ANWR in the 90s, but Clinton vetoed it.” Republicans also have to point out how Obama is continuing his moratorium on deep-water drilling in the Gulf (defying a court order), and | Read More »

    Election stats

    Ok, by my calculations, the Republicans won:   –  62 House seats, with 5 more too close to call.  This is a potential 67-seat gain. (We lost three of our own seats; already factored into the total.)   –  7 governorships.  Republicans have a 30-19 advantage, with 1 independent.  However, the governorships we lost (VT, HI) are not as significant as the ones we won (MI, | Read More »

    Sharron Angle’s campaign

    The Angle campaign hasn’t mentioned the word ObamaCare yet. They haven’t mentioned the stimulus. They haven’t mentioned the AZ law. And they haven’t tied Reid directly to Obama so far (see Blount’s ad about Carnahan). I’m getting a little worried. I sent them an email with my suggestions, and never got a response. Then, I called the campaign headquarters, and got a recorded message stating | Read More »

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    What I’m looking for in a presidential candidate in 2012 is electability combined with conservatism… What about Daniels/Thune? Early though it is, that may be the smart money.