An open letter to a patriot lady

    Dear Erin, I am writing this to you, but I think that the message I want to convey is more than to you.  I hope you will forgive me for doing this without permission, but I found that what you said in this final exchange really struck a chord. A couple of exchanges you and I had are below: Ohio Historian Define “warmongering” if you | Read More »

    “”We have tried spending money. …it does not work.”

      Fellow voters, we elected Barack Hussein 0bama, hmmm, hmmm, hmmm for the first time 6 years and some days ago (when the electoral vote was counted in Congress, not when the popular vote was cast). Up until then, we had seen the Mr. 0bama making speeches with his “Office of the President-Elect” seal and trying to pretend that HE and not George W. Bush, | Read More »

    The NY Times; The US is no longer a middle-class leader

    The NY Times posted in April of this year a link that tells us the American Middle Class is not what it used to be, and blames “income inequality”.  They post the graphic:  (Source, NY Times, April 22, 2014, ,Accessed 9/28/2014.  Blamed is income inequality.  However, then, why have we become poorer under 0bama, the great “inequality” equalizer?  Could it be that we have | Read More »

    200th Anniversary of “The Star Spangled Banner”

    This weekend (Sat/Sun) is the 200th anniversary of the battle of Fort McHenry, the origin of “The Star-Spangled Banner” poem.  This is a good time to remember out National anthem. Below are links to a couple of music renditions.   I failed to find an acceptable, all-verse vocal.  I find the 4th verse at least as inspiring as the first. (first verse) (First and | Read More »

    0bama’s Economic Adviser

    0bama has released his decennial budget, and boy does it sock the taxes to us.  The 10-year level of taxation is 2% of GDP higher than it is historically. What is even more interesting is that he projects increased revenue due to this.  Despite the fact that increased taxes can be correlated historically with lower Federal revenues. This is not my correlation.  Credit is given | Read More »

    Liars, d**n liars, and statistics

    There have been several people on here that have indicated that our current low employment participation rate (63%) is due to “baby boomers” leaving the work force.  It seemed a logical theory, so I went to and did some data work.  The chart below tells the story of that work.  The chart shows by age-group and year the labor participation percentage from BLS data.  | Read More »


    For those of you that saw the Pixar film “Up”, you may remember that the way the dogs were distracted by  “SQUIRREL“. Well, I am getting that feeling on RedState right now. We have malfeasance in office related to ObamaCare, and an issue that should impeach this President if it is followed to its full conclusion. However, we are now running around caring that the | Read More »

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    Homosexual boys are not the problem with Scouting; the homosexual lobby is

    I have the greatest respect for Erick Erickson (“k” added 6/18/2013 thank you stevemaley), but consider him wrongheaded on this whole change in Scouting policy (, I have responded to both of Erick’s post on this subject and have taken some of the the slings and arrows of others who agree with Erick. I will congratulate all that they are posting as responsible thinkers and | Read More »

    Third-graders are not welcome

    Can we quit calling each other names here? Erick, et al, I recommend a ban for name calling. Or at least a 3-day suspension. I just read all of Erick’s posting about McCain, and am sick unto death of the lack of discussion and general name-calling on the article. STOP, NOW!

    The sequester has hit, and I haven’t felt it

    Did the world end? I guess not. Guess Obama will finally have to “eat his peas”. It is about time. Just to let him know that I have walked in his moccasins (or whatever the analogy is you’d care to use) my take home pay on the same income (no raise last year due to the wonderful recovery we are having, thank you President 0) | Read More »