A reflection on Obamanomics

    I have been reflecting on what President Obama wishes to gain by his intransigence on raising taxes.  It is obvious that he does not like “the rich”, and wishes to demonize them in his words and actions.  Even in his speech and his demands during the negotiations last night (12/28/12), he continues to denigrate those who make over $250,000.  In fact, he called them “millionaires | Read More »

    Ohio, please help me understand

    In what do Ohioans believe? I thought I knew, but am really confused after last night. Ohioans dislike the Affordable Care Act. But they re-elected the Senator who gave it to us, Sherrod Brown. I thought that Ohioans liked to keep warm in winter. Yet they voted for a Senator who would not vote for legislation to reconsider/repeal the EPA standards for coal-based systems. A | Read More »

    President Obama, I totally agree with you

    On Sixty Minutes last Sunday (9/30/2012) you indicated that some of the campaign ads go too far.  President Obama also said that Mr. Romney won the debate because of the number and scope of his lies with which ABC News does not seem to agree.  I can agree with you on this Mr. Obama; there were lies told at the debate.  However, if I had | Read More »

    You can shut off comments, Erick, but not commentary

    I don’t understand it.  Erick writes a post about maybe needing a third party, and then cuts off comment.  As a conservative who has voted Republican for his whole adult life, I don’t like it.  There actually are numerous third parties.  There are the Libertarian, the Green, the Socialist, the Communist, etc etc etc.  None has risen to dominance, because all are fringe parties.  In | Read More »

    “I like to fire people”

    I, too, like to fire people.  I really liked firing Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House.  Unfortunately, it looks like the new COO of the House (Boehner) and his management team may also need to be fired.  I will look to do that in 2012. Further, I think that Harry Reid should be fired as Senate Majority Leader.  To do this, I again intend | Read More »

    A suggested open letter to your Congressman, Senators, and Speaker Boehner

    We are sending this to you in order that you consider the desperate state in which our nation lies, and consider how you, as our elected representative, can change this situation. To start, we are relieved that the “Supercommittee” for which you voted has failed, and we expect you and the others of our party to take on the responsibility to correct the slide to | Read More »

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