Cruz to Victory and the Trump Narrative

    This diary assumes that we all know that the MSM and talk radio is in the tank for Trump and that they hate Ted Cruz. This includes, Mike Wallace of Fox News, Most on The five, Limbaugh, Ingraham, Hannity, O’Reilly, Savage, CNN. MSNBC et al. First off, going into last night I asked my fellow Chriatians to join me in a prayer for Ted Cruz, you must have because | Read More »

    Was Super Tuesday Super for Trump?

    Ed Rolling’s of Fox New blissfully wrote, “It’s all Over” Trump is the nominee. Rolling’s goes on to rewrite what he has been writing ever since June. CNN rejoices in a Trump trouncing!. Local blowhards are talking about Trumps Cabinet. My guess it’s the same on the EIB Network and with the call girl Laura Ingraham. Many of us here suggested that Super Tuesday would | Read More »

    Super Tuesday in Three Days

    Super Tuesday is just around the corner and I’m wondering if the dynamics of the race have been altered by the last debate. To anyone with an objective bone in their body (this does not include Trump fools), Trump not only lost/failed miserably but he proved to be an even bigger blithering idiot than advertised.  Trump has been on the defensive for three days now and his | Read More »

    Limbaugh Says the Christie Endorsement is HUGE!!!!!

    Against my better judgment, I tuned into the Rush Limbaugh show today at about 2:00 est. I thought that maybe he would have watched the debate and that he would have some honest comment on it. After all he has no problem talking about how wonderful Trump did in the last debates. To that end Rush always spends a lot of time explaining how Trump sends secret | Read More »

    Lets face the Reality of the Situation. Trump Has not won Yet

    If Trump ran against Alfred E Newman he would get 30% of the vote. If Trump ran against Ronald Reagan, he would get 30% of the vote. Results in South Carolina show that about 65%  of the voters soundly rejected Trump. Of those 65% , very few would have chosen Trump as their second choice .  However, all voters who voted for someone else had | Read More »

    Senator Cruz, Senator Rubio – I’m pleading with you!

    May I refer to the two honorable Senator’s by their first name? Dear Ted, Dear Marco, if you or anyone in your campaign reads this blog or is paying attention, please know that are getting very close to crunch time. You must direct your attention to Trump and take him down once and for all. Both of you are brilliant men. Both of you are solid | Read More »

    Cruz Makes a Huge Concession in the Debate Last Night

    I’m a Rubio supporter to the end. However if Ted Cruz knocks my guy out I would then have a great second choice. If it happens I will be the first one out of the gate to help and support Senator Ted Cruz. Ted Cruz is a very deliberate can calculating conservative tactician. The man is brilliant and I love listening to him speak to conservatism. | Read More »

    BREAKING NEWS!!! Santorum Endorses Marco Rubio

    Sighting family values and spiritual convictions Rick Santorum has endorsed Marco Rubio for president. Santorum will campaign for Marco soon. those details will have to be worked out. Though, not a huge endorsement but one none the less. This will help with the Christian right.

    What Will Limbaugh, Hannity and Ingraham say now?

    I think that we can all agree that last night was a great victory for the conservative movement in this election cycle. We all know that there is a lot more work ahead of us. However; my guess is that there was a few well known “Trump Swabs” masquerading as conservatives who will not be all that happy today.  Limbaugh was spouting about how Trumps support | Read More »

    The Establishment now Includes Fox News Special Report

    This has been a real wild election cycle, one for the ages. We do know a couple of things for sure. The Republican base, in general is very pisted off at the establishment. Trump is a result of that anger. The establishment is at a loss as to why we are so upset and they don’t care. Last night on special report the panel talked about | Read More »