Rasmussen Has Shaheen up by 7 points

    I have been watching this race very closely. Brown had closed a 20 point g and then for a time pulled ahead only to settle back to a tie in recent weeks. now Rasmussen’s latest poll shown Shaheen up by 7. I know New Hampshire is “fickle”

    Storm Update From Plymouth Massachusetts

    As of right now 4:56 PM EST, we are experiencing heavy wet snow mixed with sleet and rain, approximately 2 inches. Winds are from the east off the ocean at about 15 to 20 mph. Temperature in sitting at 33 degrees F There was no mention of the rain/ snow line moving this far north in any of the local forecasts. This means that the | Read More »

    Senator Jim DeMint on Boehner’s Plan – Thanks Senator DeMint!!

    Finally someone on our side has spoken up and made to be heard regarding this fiscal Cliff nonsense. I agree with Senator DeMint, give the bromides in Washington more money and they will spend more money. I say let’s go over this Cliff and then hang it around Obama’s neck like a waterlogged Mack Truck tire. Again senator DeMint, thanks  

    Great Read: Are Republicans Learning the Wrong Lessons

    If you have not see this piece by Jeff  Anderson at the Weekly Standard, do yourself a favor and read it. It sums up the 2012 election nicely and in doing so  puts in place a game plan for future elections.

    Deval Patrick for President 2016!!!

    Well folks, before you laugh his name is being tossed around by the secular progressive left up here in Massachusetts as well as other bastions of secular progressivism as an encore to Barrack Hussein Obama! Moreover, he and Obama are cut from the very same piece of cloth, know each other very well, speak the same language and embrace the destruction of the Constitutions as | Read More »

    OK, So We Know How The Election Was Lost

    Based on the sober reality of the hard numbers is it not correct in saying that: a) Our Base failed to turn out due to a gap in enthusiasm and the Campaign itself b) Romney was a less than attractive alternative to Obama c) The MSN and Print media was in the tank hard for their leftist candidate – Obama All the nuances and particular | Read More »

    Obamanomics Has Begun

    I work for a small Life Science company in Massachusetts. We are located in  an industrial park with lots of other small companies. My company employs about 47 souls. We have a decent product and a good revenue stream. We need to expand and add about 10 more employees in areas of production, engineering and chemistry. The Owner has been waiting the results of this | Read More »

    I Sense a Hidden underswelling For Romney

    Please know that being a conservative Christian up here in secular progressive Massachusetts can be very trying sometimes. I grew up on the south shore near the coast in what was the old money ,old Yankee area of the state. I can trace my mother’s side of the family right back to 17th century Plymouth and my Dad back to 18th century New Hampshire.  It | Read More »

    Mitt Romney Calls into the Michael Graham show

    Governor Romney called into 96.9 WTTK Boston this afternoon around 6:00 PM  or so and spoke with Michael Graham for a spell. I missed the first part of the call but from what I did hear, Mitt sounded genuinely very confident, very upbeat  and refreshing. Given what has been spewing out  of Obama’s pie hole lately, it was nice to listen to a real gentleman. | Read More »

    Rasmussen Has caught up with Gallup

    Today’s Rasumssen three day tracking poll now shows Romney over Obama 50% to 46%. This is huge in my mind in that  all the credible polls are beginning to merge and show the same trend towards Mitt. Moreover Mitt has now passed that 50% threshold. Being a Native New Englander (South Shore of Massachusetts) its not often that I get a chance to vote for | Read More »