Medicare cuts start in December 2010

    I received a call from the AMA asking me to take action by calling my congressman to demand something be done to prevent cutting care to Medicare patients after November 31, 2010 . My personal view is that everyone should take care of themselves, save widows and orphans, but I decided to look into the matter. After all, the Demoncrats have most seniors conned into | Read More »

    Open letter to a Democrat

    This dude is a really nice guy, known him since Jr. High, raised in the same area of the country, but then he moved to Taxachussetts. I don’t know what happened. I sent out an email on the UK story on taking pain medication from back pain patients  and this is what I received as a reply: There will always be exception to any story | Read More »

    Obama to throw in the towel in Iraq?

    A gentleman I spoke with today was just back from Iraq. I was rather disturbed as he  described the current handling of prisoners. Bring them to your base, confine them, can’t touch them or coerce them. If they want to tell you something, it’s OK. After two weeks you must release them with any intel on your base they have gathered while there. It’s common | Read More »

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    Montana Fires a Warning Shot

    The AP is reporting that the State of Montana is preparing to take on the Federal Government over states rights. For Full Story and Credits “In a bill passed by the Legislature earlier this month, the state is asserting that guns manufactured in Montana and sold in Montana to people who intend to keep their weapons in Montana are exempt from federal gun registration, background | Read More »

    S 22 Cloture vote, just a hint of the future.

    RINOS, (Traitors), whatever you would like to call them on the S 22 Sunday Cloture vote are listed below. There were a few brave souls that showed up to voice their opposition (12) with some good comments by Tom Coburn and Jim Demint and a couple of others. I should have been at church praying for the country instead of watching these proceedings, but don’t | Read More »

    NC Catawba County Gop

    CATAWBA GOP NEWSLETTERTuesday 11/25/2008 HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!The GOP Christmas Breakfast will be held at the Catawba Country Club on December 6,2008 from 9:00 am – 11:00 am. The cost is $17.00 per adult. The 2009 officers for the Men’s Forum are as follows:President – Eric Farr1st Vice-President – Richard Thompson2nd Vice-President / Secretary – Clifton SmithTreasurer – Gary MayesThere will not be a December Men’s Forum | Read More »

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    McCain will come out on top

    I believe McCain will finish on top with a comfortable lead, despite all the fabricated votes the great one has fabricated with his 800,000 dollars of Acorn money. The bulk of the polls I have seen typically oversample Demoncrats as much as double digits, but still only come up with single digit leads. The projections are also based on inflated Demoncrat registrations, (Op Chaos), leading | Read More »

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    Which constitution is the Demoncratic party modeling?

    I have been listening to Obama’s ideas to dismantle the constitution.A trip over to the DNC site to look at the platform again confirmed my suspicions.Where do all these “rights” the Dems keep referring to come from? Rights such as the “Right to housing” “Right” you say? Yes , indeed. I found it in the Constitution! The communist constitution.Ch7, Article 44. Hmmm… OK. How about | Read More »

    Did Obama try to save us or..

    Obama keeps getting a lot of mileage out of a bill that he, Durban and Menedez submitted back in February of 2006. The bill, S. 2280 appears to set up multimillion dollar penalties for “Mortgage professionals” who seek to execute a “scheme or artifice” The bill: `(a) In General- It shall be unlawful for any mortgage professional to knowingly execute, or attempt to execute, a | Read More »

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    It’s Hoover’s fault! (er,uh, I mean Bush)

    The Demoncrats haven’t changed tactics in 75 years. So why does the Public keep falling for it? Warning! This is long, but full of parallels with todays situation. It describes the sabotage of the economy by the Dems in the 30s. Recall that the the world had a depression in the 20-30s, but in the US it was turned into a “Great Depression”, never really | Read More »