Central Planners of “Green” Fail While Private Research Succeeds

    The Obama central planners are scratching their heads as to why their favored green tech companies are filing for bankruptcy left and right. Solyndra was just the tip of the Obama “green tech” iceberg. Many more green tech companies are now joining Solyndra in the bankruptcy court, such as Solar Trust of America and others. Even with a $2.1 billion conditional loan from the DOE, | Read More »

    The Private Life of Governor Rick Perry

    Much of Governor Rick Perry’s political positions are becoming well known to those of us who are politically active. I have been researching into many of the GOP candidates that are running for the nomination. It is one thing to determine what a candidate stands for on the issues, it’s another to see what they have done in the privacy of their personal lives. Very | Read More »

    A lesson in leadership…

    I have been studying many of the Republican candidates that have been running for the nomination. I would consider myself just like many others out there looking for a leader type in the mold of Reagan who can lead us back out of the Obama morass of our economy, and the scary world war of radical Islamic fundamentals against the rest of the world. This | Read More »

    Ed Rollins sticks a knife and fork into Bachmann’s campaign

    Ed Rollings came out on Halloween with a shocker. He told ABC News Monday that Michele Bachmann has “run out of money and ideas” and can no longer expect to win in Iowa. Ed Rollins, who left the campaign in September, said the Minnesota congresswoman had backed off earlier comments by her campaign that Iowa was a “must-win” state because she lacked the finances, campaign | Read More »

    Bloggers and TX Newspaper claim Perry drunk at Cornerstone speech

    The liberal bloggosphere and newspapers are really busy lately. Rick Perry made a nearly 30 minute speech up in New Hampshire at a place called Cornerstone on October 29th. I watched it. I thought his appearance on Fox News Sunday was good. Rick Perry was even better! If this is Perry getting his groove on, I can see Perry coming back in the polls by | Read More »

    Friday Night Feedback – Why can’t government run like a private business?

    The thought of “why can’t government run like a business” comes across my mind every so often. I was in the Air Force, and was able to observe the budget process up front and center. I was even in on a “shopping spree” near the end of the fiscal year. I also saw wasteful spending nearly across the board. Most of the waste was in | Read More »

    The Corporate Empire Strikes back… and other news

    The left wing out there has been up in arms ever since the Citizens United case came out with the ruling that corporations could spend money on politics just like everyone else. Ever since this ruling, the left wing has been calling on the US Congress and the President to pass legislation overturning the ruling. A group of liberal activists formed a while after the | Read More »

    Steve Wynn’s Epic Anti-Obama Rant part 2

    Steve Wynn had another conference call in which he went on another rant about the Obama administration and a few other related topics. To say it was insightful is an understatement. Here is a synopses. “I am watching my employees standard of living drop off because of deficits. I think that the American public is beginning to make the connection between deficits and their own | Read More »

    Dancing with the Devil… Romney style

    New details keep emerging as both conservative and liberal bloggers keep digging into Romney’s recent stint as Governor of Massachusetts. It recently came out that Romney’s closest advisers were invited by the Obama White House to discuss how to help craft the act known as Obamacare, using the Romneycare template. It’s bad enough that Romney has advisers that are on the same page policy wise | Read More »

    “They Told Glenn Reynolds …

    . . . that if he voted for John McCain, the Internal Revenue Service would go after the president’s political enemies — and they were right!” so says TheOtherMcCain. I’ve seen the IRS go after people’s accounts and leave them with nothing to live on. This is the biggest reason why I really like the FairTax. The FairTax means that you don’t owe any money | Read More »