Government teacher in Irving, Texas Proud member of the VRWC Probably On the List at DHS Attended the "Tea Party" April 15th in Dallas, Texas and had a great time. As of Obambi's 100th day I, along with millions of others, are now a butt of the President's joke about the Tea Parties. Too bad he is the joke of a President. Jimmy carter is quickly losing his title as worst President ever.


    Future Healthcare for Congress

    I was sitting talking with some friends and the conversation got around to Healthcare. One of my neighbors said he wanted the same healthcare that the Congress had. He then asked if they were going to have the same healthcare we will have. Another neighbor and I both popped up and said, “no, they will keep their healthcare”. Then it dawned on me, if the | Read More »

    Un-American Mobsters and Other Undesirables

      Well now the leadership of the democratic party is calling anyone against the Healthcare or Health Insurance Reform Bill or whatever the new PC name it is, are now being called; Nazis, un-American, mobsters and evil mongers. WOW I can’t believe the problem they are having against the American people. OK actually I can believe it. Because they have no clue about Americans. One | Read More »

    My Opinion on Healthcare Reform

    I recently got an email from my senator, John Cornyn (R) Texas, with a link to the Republican Party asking what I thought of the stimulus’ impact so far on the economy. Naturally I had to add my 2 cents worth about the main topic and I added my concerns about the Republican Party in the 2010 election. Here is what I had to say | Read More »