California DoT Nixes Public Display of American Flag, Calls it “Impermissible Public Expression”

    From Pundit Press: Can someone please tell me what world we live in when we cannot erect our own American flag because it might upset some people? In the town of Orcutt, California, thousands of dollars in donations have been gathered to create a monument to fallen soldiers and the branches of our military.  The memorial would go between “a highway exit and a park-and-ride | Read More »

    Proof: Democrats at Fault for the Recession

    This is perhaps one of the best examples of how the Democrats helped ruin the economy after winning the 2006 elections. Times were good and unemployment was under 5% but all of that new regulation and spending has really, really hurt us. Under the Democrats, unemployment started to balloon.  It stated to climb, rising past 4.5%, past 5%, past 6%, and past 6.5%, all the | Read More »

    I Knew It! People Who Watch Jon Stewart are Idiots!

    I Knew It! People Who Watch Jon Stewart are Idiots! Well, it’s something that’s been on my mind for years, but I’m so glad to see it actually confirmed in a newspaper. From the New York Times we find out that Jon Stewart fans are a bunch of egotistical self-righteous buffoons… or at least one-fifth of them. According to ‘secret media research’ done by the | Read More »

    Obama Health Plan Includes Controversial “Fetal Reprocessing”

    Obama Health Plan Includes Controversial “Fetal Reprocessing” Doctors Laud Proviso in Health Care Bill Jamie Bullock August 12, 2009 Washington is abuzz with the newest attempt at bringing affordable, quality health care to America’s working families. President Obama, supported by the American Medical Association, has spearheaded an effort to give more American families coverage while making sure that existing coverage is not reduced. Included in | Read More »

    Obama “Genetically Superior” Say Scientists

    Obama “Genetically Superior” Say Scientists Rafael Volquez, PhD Cambridge, MA Harvard Review of Science Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have broken new ground with a controversial claim. During research conducted since October 2007, they have found that the new President of the United States, Barack Obama has certain traits which make him “genetically and mentally superior to the average person.” Such research included | Read More »

    Joe’s Babe of the Week: Nancy Pelosi

    Jumping in Pools is beginning a weekly feature in which our resident sexpert Joe C. picks his hot babe of the week and tells us why. We’re going to post one every Friday and at the end of the season, pick a babe of the season. This week’s pick: Nancy Pelosi Representing scenic San Francisco, this A-class babe is one for the record books. Strong, | Read More »

    Obama’s Plan Has Already Emboldened al Qaeda

    President Obama moved swiftly to close the detention prison in Guantanamo Bay, and has frozen the trials of terrorism suspects. Apparently bowing to world pressure, the President believes that transferring, and perhaps freeing the suspects will bring a safer world. Well, there’s already proof that this is not the case. An al Qaeda operative freed from Guantanamo Bay not only rejoined terrorism, but is a | Read More »

    We Need to Give the New President the Benefit of the Doubt

    President Barack Obama’s first full day of office begins today. Whether we thought he was the right pick for the job, we need to put our country first. We need to make sure that he has the respect of the American people. While we may not like some of the things he’s said or done, he has not soiled the office of the President. Thusly, | Read More »

    Dems Pushing Limits of Congressional Power

    Before the next President is even sworn in, the Democrats are already pushing the limits of their power. For example, they are rewriting House rules… Originally posted at Jumping in Pools. Gone are term limits for committee chairmen, a big comeback for seniority over merit. Cost containment measures on Medicare, one of the fastest growing programs, are simply suspended for this Congress. Tax increases now | Read More »

    Bush Environmental Contributions Ignored, Again

    Know it or not, but George W. Bush may be the friendliest president to the environment we’ve ever had. Yes, he didn’t sign the Kyoto Protocol, but my statement still stands. Originally posted at Jumping in Pools. Why? Well, Texas is the number one state in the Union as far as wind energy is concerned. This is because Governor Bush actively pushed for wind turbines | Read More »