A registered republican since 1997, it is my hope to see the return of Constitutional principles in our Federal Republic, and a roll back of one hundred years of creeping progressivism.


    Gelding The Leviathan

    Two of the most important concepts enshrined in the Constitution of these United States include self-governance by an intelligent and involved population, and a federal bureaucracy limited in its ability to encroach on the rights and responsibilities of its states and citizens.  The last one hundred years have seen exponential growth in the abusive power of the government across many sectors; from a previously unconstitutional | Read More »

    Palestinian Contrived

    Let us dispense with the pervasive myth of the ‘Palestinians’ as an oppressed “people.” As a cultural identity created in the early twentieth century, the ‘Palestinian’ cause has been used to perpetuate anti-Semitic, anti-Israeli and anti-western views around the world, as well as ensuring a persistent motivation for conflict between Arab-Muslim nations and the western world.  While as compassionate people, the Judeo-Christian West is sympathetic | Read More »

    6,000 Years Of Darkness

    In 6,000 years of known human history, the default status of the average human being has been as inferior and subservient to our supposed societal betters.  Whether at the hands of royalty, religion or repressive tyrants; self-determination and free choice was an unheard of dream for the mass of humanity.  Even with early exercises in social equality, such as Athenian democracy, access to such a | Read More »