Obama attacking Christendom

    It is not the first attack on Christians in this country, and I am sure it will not be the last.  As a Catholic, I have heard for the past two weekends pastoral letters from my Bishop stating unequivocally “we cannot comply, we will not comply.” Some here have criticized the Church for not doing more – At times in my life where my | Read More »

    Stop the circular firing squads, please

    Disappointment, tensions, accusations, and name-calling all seem to be running unhealthily high around here lately.  To all who are frustrated with their candidate’s lack of success, the seeming irrationality of a voting block within our coalition, incredulity with how well a particular candidate does, I can identify with all those sentiments. But, please, please, please, for the sake of beating Barack Obama and putting the | Read More »

    Is it wrong to root for a brokered convention now?

    I know – a brokered convention has historically not ended well.  But I am starting to wonder if it would not increase our chances in 2012.  Here’s what I’m looking at: 1.  We have a field that nobody is rallying around.  The Dem division between Clinton and Obama in 2008 was really all about excitement.  Our division now is not going to have the same | Read More »

    Gingrich looks Presidential

    Gingrich’s grasp of issues, record of successful implementation of conservative principles, and ability to present well rivals or exceeds the entire field. I recommend these two clips to those open to considering him: And: Here is a candidate well-versed in just about any issue that is raised.  He handles the hard questions in stride.  He looks Presidential.  I’ll say that again – more | Read More »

    Gingrich poised to rise in polls

    Every debate, it seems everyone agrees about a few things – Romney is the most polished debater.  Gingrich is the smartest one in the room.  Perry has a better record as a governor than he does skills as a debater. Everyone knows Gingrich’s personal history has some baggage.  He was dismissed early as “unelectable” because of that and his corresponding unfavorable rating.  But, in 2011, | Read More »

    Obama administration puts abortuaries before sex trafficking victims and destroys nurses’ jobs

    Two articles I saw today I thought highlighted the incredibly pro-abortion stance this administration has taken.  One was an act by an Obama appointee at HHS to deny a $16 million dollar grant to the Catholic Church because the Church refuses to refer sex trafficking victims for abortions.  This was done despite an independent review rating the Church’s provision of services as the best among | Read More »

    I’ve got some big problems with 9-9-9

    Putting aside the fact that 9-9-9 does sound suspiciously like a pizza slogan from our Godfather’s Pizza candidate, it has several big problems in my mind. First, I don’t even count the Bloomberg projection of lost revenue.  I would be willing to concede the plan has the potential to create growth, which over 2-3 years, would aggregate past the needed 10% growth to cover the | Read More »

    Conservative job creation strategy

    President Obama has proposed to spend $446,000,000 more dollars on stimulus.  We can be sure he intends to earmark funds for political benefactors and continue the same type of crony capitalism we have seen him repeatedly engage in with big labor, big green, and other liberal constituencies.  He thinks any opposition can be painted as an indifference to job creation.  To that end, conservative alternatives | Read More »

    One conservative’s suggestion for resolution to the pending debt crisis

    In negotiations, the experts say it is critical to know your BATNA (Best Alternative To a Negotiated Agreement), and it is also important to have a good feel for your counterpart’s BATNA. Right now, the trajectory we are on is unsustainable.  The rate of new spending and entitlement programs is out of control.  Right now, we can get X amount in cuts.  If the U.S. | Read More »

    Defunding PP, the next steps

    Perhaps the most disappointing thing to me about the recent budget deal was the fact PP remains funded.  While DC abortions will no longer be funded, which is a major plus, I had high hopes that we would be able to hold fast on this point.  In the end, the defections of Brown and Murkowski meant we needed to peel off 5 Democrats to make | Read More »