Andrew Sullivan and the Racial Politics of the Left

    I believe most readers of Redstate are familiar with the writer Andrew Sullivan and the publication, “The Daily Beast”. Mr. Sullivan has been recently noted in the news for his

    Clinging To “The Precious”: The Loss Of The Obama Presidency

    Who could ever have imagined that the classic author, J. R. R. Tolkien, was able to predict the future? Yet, he could have easily had in mind the 2012 election

    The State of Conservatism

    The state of conservatism is indeed, in real jeopardy.  Conservatives have NO viable candidate to espouse our views and promote our agenda.  Mr. Erickson has highlighted a growing concern of

    No Time for Surrender

    Well, another debate gone by and once again very little of substance was discussed. While voters want to hear real solutions to problems such as jobs, the soaring deficit, and

    The Fallacy of the Brokered Convention

      More and more the posts on RedState and in the public domain are calling for or speculating about a brokered convention due to dissatisfaction with the current crop of

    The Relevance of Sarah Palin

    I have never been a big Palin bandwagon fan.  I was glad when McCain chose her as the VP nominee in 2008 because she had the potential to bring interest, attention,