Canary In A Coal Mine

    The clown show that is the Trump candidacy continues on pace, with near-hourly updates of malfeasance, incompetence, rank stupidity, anchored at every level with a bullying malice. And that gives me hope, in the short term. I believe TinyHand’s campaign will ultimately follow the same trajectory as many of his business ventures – arriving in a splash of fanfare, seemingly solid, and then quickly rotting | Read More »

    Time to Strike a Match

    Well, all the polls have called it. Donald of Orange, he whose Coat of Arms is a Field of Denim, with a Pair of Tiny Hands holding Tweezers crossed over an Opened Zipper, is now on track to become the Republican nominee for President in 2016. We’ve heard a great deal in these pages over the last few weeks about conventions choosing nominees, not primaries; | Read More »

    Trump, The End State Result

    Astonishing vision of the moment Life begins…. Imagine this taking place in a womb. Utter darkness, and then, suddenly a spark of the Divine (Genesis 1:3) and a song (Psalm 139: 13-14) fuse to form a singular human life . God recapitulates Creation in every human conception. We know this intuitively, and through faith, and now, for the Thomases, through the evidence of their own | Read More »

    Is #NeverTrump Consistent With #Pro-Life?

    There are two sub-optimal human beings on the verge of running away with their respective party’s Presidential nominations. One is a unattractive, frumpy looking specimen with a hellaciously bad hairstyle, holding a death-grip on the leashed press with dainty hands, and whose temper tantrums, when challenged in any way, suggest significant mental impairment. The other is Hillary Clinton. And yet…one candidate has declared, repeatedly, that | Read More »

    The Night Old Dixie Burned Us Down.

    Well, pretty much the worst case scenario is coming at us now. = Trump, in the space of one week, has flipped off the Pope and embraced Obamacare, and still pulls numbers ensuring that he remains the frontrunner and favorite for the ‘SEC Primary’ in less than two weeks.. = Cruz’ evangelical support – the key to his strategy to the nomination – has collapsed. | Read More »

    Obama’s unbeatable nominee

    If President Obama really want to jam the Republican Party with a potential Supreme Court Nominee, there’s really only one choice for him to make: Ted Cruz. Think about the implications The Court, even more than the Presidency, is probably Ted Cruz’s first best destiny in his own mind. As President, he could have an impact for the next 8 years, maybe a bit longer | Read More »

    Life During Wartime

    With the passing of Justice Scalia, the much-abused trope – “This is the most consequential / important / pivotal election in U.S. History” – just became real. I’ll leave the accolades for Antonin Scalia’s extraordinarily well lived life, a rarity which gave full expression to his faith; his roles as husband, father, grandfather; and his formidable intellect to others. A life like this deserves to | Read More »

    So Long, and Thanks for All The Fish

    I took a break from RedState awhile back, because I felt that folks were savaging each other, instead of engaging in good-natured, crossed swords in argument. I’ve come back to a community where I’m told to ‘shut up and stay silent’, because I’m of the opinion that the misapplication of ‘turn the other cheek’ , will ultimately surrender our core freedoms. If disagreeing on the approach we | Read More »

    The Rubio Misfire: When Conservative Principles – Ain’t

    Senator Rubio took on an ambitious task in his recent RedState post:  Applying Conservative Principles to Immigration I don’t believe Senator Rubio achieved what he set out to do. This piece was clearly positioned to reinforce his conservative bona fides and provide a measured argument for his position. Instead, Senator Rubio has employed rhetorical elisons, misdirection, and unfortunately, outright misstatements to advance his end.   These | Read More »

    “Going Rogue” doesn’t give one a free pass

    We’ve had a great deal of deserved fun with the ethical blindness of the Democratic party.  That makes it incumbent upon us to hold our own to a higher standard.  When our own publicly embrace the higher standard, and fall short, it’s doubly disappointing; to wit: Bristol Palin, the eldest daughter of former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, has set up her own public relations firm, | Read More »