Once a conservative leader in the Arizona State Legislature and a candidate for Congress, Pamela is now a private citizen. She feels that her working knowledge of the good, bad, and ugly nature of American politics may be useful or interesting to Redstate readers. At very least, her perspective is uniquely "insider" and "outsider" all at once.



    If it is character and honor that guide men to honor their “truces” then we would all be wise to judge the validity of the “truce” called by those that have neither.

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    Reefer Madness! (And Other Stupid Things to Blame)

    It is a normal human reaction when faced with unfathomable acts of terror to seek some safe place to apply one’s outrage because to accept that these isolated events are both horrific and unpredictable, with a potential for repeat, is too frightening.  To accept that one simple truth would also force a person to recognize that it could happen anywhere to anyone… including the people | Read More »

    Don’t Cry for Me, America

    I am very interested in remaining a force for good and helping to strengthen this momentum for the rebuilding of America.

    But, it is someone else’s turn to be the candidate.

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