I am a former lawyer who is now a United Methodist pastor. I have lived all my life in South Dakota, and am currently the pastor of The ARK United Methodist Church in North Sioux City, SD.


    Maybe Nothing is the Best Thing to Do

                It is apparent to all observers that the recent revolutions in the Middle East caught the administration completely off-guard.  Because of that, the administration has essentially been playing catch-up, making up its policy as it goes along.  Because of that, the United States has been much pretty much a bystander in events, issuing pronouncements about the current state of affairs but powerless to actually | Read More »

    This Can Only End One Way

                While it is still possible that the Republicans in Wisconsin will cave, it appears much more likely, at this point, that Gov. Walker and the legislature will hold firm and will, ultimately, prevail.  It is hard to see how things could have gone otherwise, which leads one to wonder what the unions were thinking when they began this protest in the first place.   | Read More »

    Too Little and Too Late

                At this point, the direction in which Egypt is going is pretty clear.  The only questions remaining involve whether Hosni Mubarak will leave sooner rather than later, and whether the government that replaces his will be merely worse or will be much worse.               President Obama seems to have received remarkably little criticism for the turn of events in Egypt.  The general consensus | Read More »