Patricia Lightner recently completed nearly five years in the financial services industry as a VP in Government Relations with the global bank, HSBC. She worked on consumer credit issues such as: privacy, security breach, mortgage lending, licensure, credit card and insurance. In 1998, Lightner started her political career running for an open seat in the Kansas Legislature. She ran for State Representative in the 29th District as an unknown Republican in Overland Park and won in an upset victory. She served three terms as a State Representative. Her mainstream conservative stance and voting record earned her the respect of her colleagues who elected her to Majority Whip her second term in office, (2000-2002). In her third term, she was appointed as the House Insurance Committee Chairman, (2002 -2004). Prior to the State Legislature, Patricia spent six years in the federal government. She started her work in the public sector employed as an enforcement attorney with the Federal Aviation Administration. There she worked on hundreds of certificate actions cases as well as civil penalty cases involving airport security. Her work at the FAA provided Lightner experience on a facet of an issue we all have great concern with


    Pro-Life Women are Here to Stay

    Last week, Ramesh Ponnuru wrote an op-ed in the New York Times entitled “The Year of the (Pro-Life) Woman”. As his wonderful editorial pointed out, despite the fact there are millions of pro-life women throughout the United States, only a handful are elected to federal office – just 13 in the House and a sad zero in the Senate. The good news is that is | Read More »

    You Can’t Tweak Socialism

    Dear RedState: I posted the following column on my website on Friday, and wanted to share it with you.  Thank you! – Patricia It has been less than 100 hours since ObamaCare passed the United States Congress, and before most Democrats have even had a chance to read the bill, there are already some early indications that some in our party, as time goes along, | Read More »

    Health Care Arrogance

    For nearly a year, from Virginia to Massachusetts to New Jersey , Americans coast-to-coast have said “stop” to the Democrats and ObamaCare – yet, in one of the most arrogant displays of power in our nation’s history, the Democrats in Congress are hell-bent on imposing their will – via the Senate health care bill – on the American people. Now, it appears they may even | Read More »

    My Reaction to the State of the Union

    The State of the Union, no matter who is President, is always an impressive spectacle to watch.  It provides our nation – specifically, our leaders – a chance to refocus on solutions for our nation.    There were elements of the President’s speech I applaud – such as the proposal for clean, safe, nuclear energy and continuing down the path for earmark reform, particularly putting | Read More »

    My reaction to Scott Brown’s Victory

    I want to congratulate Scott Brown on his historic victory to the United States Senate. His inspiring, positive, issues-based campaign motivated conservatives, independents, and Reagan Democrats to turn out in droves to support his incredible march to victory. The Brown victory shows that a principled conservative message can be successful wherever it is tried – even in the bluest of blue states such as Massachusetts. | Read More »

    Our Focus is Off

    Americans are horrified at the recent attempted airline bombing by an al-Qaeda trained man on Christmas Day near Detroit. While we are fortunate that this attack on American soil was not successful, I am extremely concerned about the systems in place at our airports, the leadership and competence of those in this Administration, and the conduct of the War on Terror in general. Americans justifiably | Read More »

    Making My Stand

    Ronald Reagan once said “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same.” That, my friends, is what the 2010 election is all about. With our economic freedom and individual liberty under constant threat, I believe people both in | Read More »

    Are you Ready to Reclaim your Liberty?

    Thank you for taking time to read my introductory post here on RedState.  It is great to be amongst like minded conservatives who have a core philosophy rooted in the founding principles of our nation, and are not afraid of stating those principles loudly and proudly — while also promoting the candidates who will do the same. I come to you today as one of | Read More »