Native New Yorker. I hate getting involved, but this "Obama Situation" leaves me no choice.


    A Sermon Worth Reading.

    I am a Christian and a good friend of mine who is Jewish sent me a copy of this sermon last night. It was written by Atlanta Rabbi Shlomo Lewis (not his Rabbi). It’s a long, powerful sermon, and well worth reading. I have nothing to else to add other than the wish that you may take the time to go through it and consider | Read More »

    Terror Defense Lawyer Won’t Say Americans Were Murdered on 9/11

    This video, which I found about via a Human Events email, is unbelievable. The Youtube page where the video can be found states “Scott Fenstermaker, the lawyer for Ali Abd al-Aziz, KSM & company was interviewed on The O’Reilly Factor tonight. He refused to admit that Americans were murdered on 9/11 and repeatedly disputed the number of Americans who were killed.” If you have trouble | Read More »

    Barack Obama, Girlie-Man-in-Chief

    Arnold Schwarzenegger made the term “girlie man” famous when as Governor of California he used it to deride his opponents in the State legislature during the budget battle in 2004. I think that after witnessing President Obama’s performance for the past year, that the term should be rightly used to describe himself. Here’s why. Because only a girlie-man: Raises over $650 million dollars to land | Read More »

    11% is More Than Enough

    If you have ever seen the movie iRobot, then you might remember this important scene, which I think bears relevance to the Healthcare battle going on in our country. Detective Del Spooner (Will Smith): Headed back to the station. Normal day, normal life. The driver of a semi fell asleep at the wheel. Average guy, wife and kids, working a double. *Not* the devil. The | Read More »

    The Czars of Obama

    Of the many things that are out-of-hand with this administration, this is one of them.  The czars of Obama, who no doubt considers himself czar above all czars. Who knows what the next ones will be – perhaps the Apology Czar – charged with making sure Obama continues to apologize to any and all for all things American.  Or maybe a Census Czar, which would | Read More »