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    An Open Letter to DOJ Attorneys

    Dear Department of Justice Attorneys: Working for the Department of Justice has to be a rewarding experience for an attorney.  Your country is your client.  But now, you find yourself working for an Attorney General who puts the president’s political aspirations above truth.  Understanding that you have nothing to do with who your boss is, I feel its my obligation, as a fellow member of | Read More »

    Too Big To Jail

                    The late, great Lewis Grizzard attended the University of Georgia with a man named “Joe,” where they developed a lifelong friendship.  Joe grew up poor in rural Southwest Georgia.  He was only a boy when he found the body of his dead father who had taken his own life with the family shotgun.  Joe became the man | Read More »

    Selective Blindness

    I have a beautiful wife and three daughters (ages 7, 7 & 8).  I love my family but with four women in my house, I have perfected the art of tuning out certain conversations.  Dresses, shopping, “mean girls,” My Little Ponies, and the like, are generally the last words I will hear before I start hearing Charlie Brown’s teacher’s voice.  I’m not proud of it, | Read More »

    Why I own an AR-15.

    Other than the occasional tweet, I have tried to stay out of the gun debate—largely because of Jonah Goldberg’s haunting and compelling statement: “…I nonetheless resent being dragged into the political maw so quickly after a bunch of little kids were picked off by a madman with a gun.” But something has changed that obliges me to share a personal story. Maybe it was Wayne LaPierre’s, | Read More »


    For many years, watching Congress has been like watching a football game where both teams punt every play.  The beginning of 2013 has continued to prove the rule.  More recently however, every time the Republicans punt, the President grabs the ball, spikes it, and acts as if he’s in the end zone.  The media cheers right along with him, no flags are thrown, and the | Read More »


    GOP Classic

    GOP Classic

    Growing up in the South means that you were raised on Coca-Cola. We don’t just call Coke, “Coke,” we call every soda made “Coke.” We believe Coke tastes better in a glass bottle than it does in a can. Every true Southerner has tried the unique concoction of drinking Coke with peanuts (in the bottle). We love Coca-Cola. However, in the early 1980’s, Pepsi starting | Read More »