Conservatives for Obama?

I found this article at Newsmax.com, Zogby: McCain is gaining, Race tightens. Here’s the part I found interesting:

Obama continues to win 18% support among conservative voters, while McCain wins only seven percent among liberals. Among moderates, a demographic that includes substantially more Democrats than Republicans, Obama leads, 61% to 33% for McCain.


18% of conservatives are voting for McCain? Are these people insane? Are they liberals who are lying about being conservative? Or, as I suspect, are they liberals who don’t know they’re liberal?

I live in a liberal part of the country, yet very few of the (very) liberal people I meet will come right out and call themselves liberal. They call themselves, usually, moderates. Have some of them really gone off the deep end and are now calling themselves conservative?

The other possibility…they’re old people like my dad who don’t use the internet and get all their news from CBS.

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