Where’s Sarah?

    Rush’s “slutgate” is political poison and Obama’s acolytes in the MSM will be only too happy to pound us on it until November unless we force them to cover the despicable comments made by left-wing personalities. The only person with the stature to change the narrative is Sarah Palin. We need to make the left and President Obama own Bill Maher’s calling Sarah the c-word and a dumb t**t . | Read More »

    Occupiers Miss the Mark

    You can see it in the eyes of the “99%’s”: fear and despair. Their stories are all too common in what has been dubbed the “Lost Generation”, massive student loan debt and unemployment or underemployed. It wasn’t supposed to be this way. These kids were taught that you go to college(any degree will do) and you punch your ticket to the Middle Class. But, a | Read More »

    Same Old Song from Obama

    Albert Einstein defined insanity as doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. I believe old Al’s theory is just as applicable in spotting idealogues as it is lunatics. Which brings me to our president’s proposal to spend $450 billion on Stimulus II. Compare the laundry list of spending from the $867 billion sinkhole of spending called Stimulus I to Bailout Barry’s | Read More »

    Brackets Barry goes to War to defend Al Qaeda?

    I know, I know, the White House’s preferred terminology is that the U.S. is in a state of “military kinetic action” with the Libyan regime. When the no fly zone was imposed we were assured that it was to protect civilians from genocide and that coalition forces would not engage regime forces to defend or aid the rebels. Recent media reports indicate that this is | Read More »

    T-Paw’s Sound Advice: Don’t Raise the Debt Limit

    With President Hu Jintao of China in the U.S. for a state visit former Governor of Minnesota Tim Pawlenty took to the pages of the Wall St. Journal and the Washington Post to argue against raising the debt limit. Hopefully, our largest creditor was able to find the time amid all the pomp of lavish dinners, joint press conferences etc. that entail a state visit | Read More »

    Rep. Tierney: Myopia or Hypocrisy?

    This is a slightly expanded copy of the letter to the editor I submitted to the Newburyport Daily News after reading Tierney try to spin the tragedy in Tucson for political gain. Never let a tragedy go to waste seems to be the Democrats’ new mantra. With lightning and sickening speed Democratic politicians and their message machine have tried to pin Saturday’s assassination attempt of | Read More »

    DADT: Mend it, Don’t end it

    Progressives proved with Obamacare that they wouldn’t let reality hinder the realization of their idealogical objectives. Washington is giving us a repeat performance in the spectacle otherwise know as the lame duck session of Congress with DADT; but this time it appears Republicans are lining up to help them endanger our national security. Our Constitution couldn’t be more clear in charging our government and its | Read More »

    The Spirit of ’76

    In addition to being one of our most colorful and quotable Founding Fathers, Ben Franklin was also a pioneer in a sad Massachusetts traditon, being born here, but moving to more favorable locals to seek opportunity. Well, in his case escaping messy domestic entanglements ran a close second to expanded job prospects. Lately, it seems hardly a day can pass without coming across a story | Read More »

    Pres. Obama is the Reckless Driver

    According to the Los Angeles Times President Obama is still pushing the driving metaphors on his fundraising tour on behalf of Congressional Democrats. So what did folks get for their $30,400? Andrew Malcolm reports on the President’s stop in Tinsel Town A snippet: The president has also fallen into recycling the same jokes — one about his favorite Republican, Abraham Lincoln (see full text | Read More »

    Is CA Brewing Another Taxpayer Revolt?

    The state that introduced the country to the idea of capping property taxes,appears ready to take on public sector unions. Here’s hoping that what’s happening in CA does as much for income and sales taxes as Prop 13 did for homeowners. Some backround. First we have the city of Bell, CA. From the Sacramento Bee: The Times reported that Bell’s city manager, Robert Rizzo, was | Read More »