Technical Question about Posting Comments

    When I scroll down in the comments section below a post in the area where I should be able to click to post a comment the only link that is available is the “Share” button.  I use Google Chrome which I believe is an acceptable browser.   This happened once the board switched over from the old format and not being able to participate is | Read More »

    Bush is the last Republican Pres…You can’t fix the demographics in a national race

    You can give up on trying to win the Presidency. Hispanics and blacks make up to much of the population and when they as an aggregate go 80% for democrats you may as well hang it up. You can complain and moan all you want about Romney the candidate but the reality is that there are to many people on the government cheese and to | Read More »

    Not sure how to start

    I don’t live in a battleground state. I have 3 kids and a wife, I have a mortgage and a steady job. I probably don’t have the time I need to make a difference in this world as I am just trying to make a difference for my family. The last 4 years I have felt this economy on my own wallet. I have seen | Read More »