Vote ’em out

    A Nation of Fools by Peary Perry “Vote ‘em out…” You know as you get older you start to notice things you probably overlooked in your younger years. Things like better offers on the things you buy if you were a first time user. You know what I mean, you sign up for a cell phone at ‘X’ dollars a month…..then after you’ve had it | Read More »


    ‘It’s Alive…It’s Alive.’

    A Nation of Fools by Peary Perry “It’s Alive…It’s Alive..” To start us off this week, I offer the following quote : “The problem is, and always has been, that once government programs and agencies are created, they quickly become sacrosanct and virtually impossible to destroy. As Ronald Reagan said, ‘Government programs, once launched, never disappear … a government bureau is the nearest thing to | Read More »

    Talking out of both sides of their mouths…..

    A Nation of Fools by Peary Perry “Talking out of both sides of their mouths” The Boston tea party of 1773 was committed by a group of angry colonists disguised as Indians or Native Americans… if I need to be politically correct. These die hard citizens were rightfully disturbed over the increase in taxation from England along with a host of other unwelcomed rules and | Read More »

    ‘Run…the voters are after us!!!’

    A Nation of Fools by Peary Perry (sign up for new columns at ‘Run…the voters are after us!!!!!’ I suppose I’m just naïve or something, but I always thought being a member of the United States Congress was an honorable position and one we should all look up to for guidance and inspiration. Having said that, I’m of the opinion that those who run | Read More »

    Send in the Clowns…..

    A Nation of Fools by Peary Perry (sign up for new columns at “Send in the clowns……” I really must make it a point next week to run down (not literally) my postman (post-person? postal employee?) and ask him (her? or whatever) what happened to my application for benefits under the Temporary Assistance for Needy Family Program. Surely it must be stuck in their | Read More »


    First Amendment Rights are for Democrats…not you other fools….

    A Nation of Fools by Peary Perry (sign up for new columns at FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHTS ARE FOR DEMOCRATS…NOT YOU OTHER FOOLS !!!… I’m so glad the president and his minions have spoken. It gives me such a warm and fuzzy feeling to know they are looking after my best interests. In view of the recent Supreme Court decision allowing corporations to finance political | Read More »

    Can You Hear Me Now?

    A Nation of Fools by Peary Perry ( “Can you hear me…now?” I suppose I should consider changing my name to something like Rip Van Perry since it appears I have been asleep for quite sometime. Before I dozed off, I recall the candidate for the president of the United States, Barack Obama had been criticizing the Bush administration for being too invasive of the | Read More »

    “Politicians need summer school….”

    A Nation of Fools By Peary Perry “Politicians need summer school….” I have a friend who ran for a position as a district judge. He won. He told me that after he was elected, one of the first defendants that had to be sentenced had a range of prison time from five years to life. My friend tells me there were not any guidelines or | Read More »

    Coming soon…Tax on air….

    A Nation of Fools by Peary Perry (sign up for new columns at “Coming soon….tax on air!!!!” Every day in this country brings us new joy, doesn’t it? You can never say you are bored with what our government is doing to us on a daily basis can you? Most of the things that will apply to each and every one of us are | Read More »

    I want Mercy…Not Justice

    A Nation of Fools by Peary Perry (sign up for new columns at I want…mercy..not justice…… Long ago and far away, I was in a discussion with a friend of mine who was a judge. I was just wondering about certain aspects of the judicial system. I’ll never forget that he told me that if I were to ever find myself in court for | Read More »