Election Day

    This morning, Dan & Marsha Coats will cast their ballots at the Broad Ripple Park Community Center. The event is the culmination of nine months of traveling the state, listening to Hoosiers and soliciting ideas on how the United States Congress can better serve its constituents to get America back on track and Hoosiers back to work. Along the way, Dan has met people like | Read More »

    Back to Where It Started…

    Dan Coats began his candidacy for the United States Senate at Shapiro’s Delicatessen in February. It was also the final public stop of the primary campaign in May and will serve as the final public stop of the general election today. Shapiro’s is a family-owned institution in Indianapolis with three locations in the metro area and a slogan Kevin Costner himself could have penned, “Cook | Read More »

    On the Road in Northeast Indiana…

    Dan Coats is spending today traveling across Northeast Indiana, visiting with Hoosiers and encouraging them to vote on November 2nd. After calling-in to WOWO 1190AM in Fort Wayne this morning, Dan headed to Deister Machine Company to meet with employees and tour the facility. A photo is below. Among the reasons employees at Deister are feeling uncertainty is the impact of ObamaCare on their future | Read More »

    Generation Debt

    America’s young people are being sacked with unsustainable – and perhaps insurmountable – sums of debt as the Obama-Pelosi-Ellsworth Democrats continue their massive spending spree agenda. Dan Coats discussed the need to lessen this burden on America’s next generation during a visit with Indiana University students in Bloomington yesterday afternoon. Earlier in the campaign, Dan released his Plan for America’s Fiscal Health which would help | Read More »

    “Coats is on point on all the issues”

    The NW Indiana Times endorsed Dan Coats this morning saying, “Coats is on point on all the issues and seems able to reach across the aisle — something the nation desperately needs.” This sentiment was clear in the three U.S. Senate debates held over the past week. Dan shared his vision for the future – lower taxes, less regulation and reduced spending to get America | Read More »

    Debt Skyrocketing Under Obama-Ellsworth’s Watch

    President Obama, Speaker Pelosi and incumbent Congressman Brad Ellsworth have taken less than two years to amass more than $3 trillion in additional debt on the backs of future generations of Americans. CBS’ Mark Knoller noted yesterday that, “The National Debt stood at $10.626 trillion the day Mr. Obama was inaugurated. The Bureau of Public Debt reported today that the National Debt had hit an | Read More »

    Ellsworth Campaigning with Biden After Unrealized “Summer of Recovery”

    Back in August, The Hill reported incumbent Congressman Ellsworth hadn’t asked the Administration for help in his Senate campaign.  Today, that will all change when Congressman Ellsworth runs to Washington, D.C., for a last minute campaign event with Vice President Joe ‘Summer of Recovery’ Biden to add cash from lobbyists representing special interests to his already record breaking coffers. (ICYMI: Click here to see the | Read More »

    “Longest Stretch Since the 1930s”/Second Highest Deficit on Record

    With today’s news it’s even clearer: the Obama-Pelosi-Ellsworth economic experiment has failed. Our economy has shed another 95,000 jobs keeping the unemployment rate at 9.6 percent and sending the broader underemployment rate – including those with part-time jobs seeking full-time employment and others who have given up altogether – up to 17.1 percent. What’s even more troubling is our nation’s “jobless rate has now topped | Read More »

    FactCheck.Org: Ellsworth Claim “False” with “No Evidence”

    You’ll recall last week incumbent Congressman Ellsworth made a charge that would be offensive if it wasn’t so laughable.  In an act of desperation, he tried to connect Dan Coats to the loss of over 800 jobs at a now shut-down automotive factory in Wabash. The nonpartisan analyzed the claim and came to a simple conclusion: false.  Here’s what they wrote (emphasis added): In | Read More »

    Coats Earns CCAGW Endorsement; Ellsworth Rubberstamps Pork Spending

    The contrasts between Dan Coats and incumbent Congressman Brad Ellsworth become clearer every day. This morning, the Dan Coats for Senate campaign launched a third television ad. ‘The Choice’ highlights Congressman Brad Ellsworth’s support for Washington’s pork-filled spending spree agenda – including the Fiscal Year 2009 omnibus bill with over 8,500 earmarks totaling $7.7 billion added spending on the backs of the next generation of | Read More »