I Remember

    I remember. I remember the beautiful day outside.  Not a cloud in the sky.  Slight breeze in my hair and thinking of how awesome it is to be alive. I remember listening to the radio making me laugh and lighting up a cigarette.  Enjoying the wind from the open window in my car. I remember when they first broke news of a plane hitting the | Read More »

    An Observation of the Left during the Healthcare debate…

    My recent thoughts on the completely outrageous workings of the left during the healthcare debates… 1)      Link = Man carrying a giant 5 foot sign of Obama, which is marked up to look like adolf “the asshole” hitler, turns out to actually be a Democrat and John Dingell supporter.  Not only is he a supporter, but supposedly a union member planted there to | Read More »

    McCain gets Audited… Obama does… NOT???

    Just look Here Anyone else reading this? The FEC is going to overlook Obama and his “donations” and investigate McCain’s campaign funds?!?!?! Does this make any sense to anyone? I understand the McCain accepted the 85 million in funds and comes with a mandatory audit, but to not look into Obama’s because the committee running the FEC has 3 Dems and 3 Repubs, meaning a | Read More »

    Time to move Onward and Upward

    Seeing how we lost tough races this past election I think it has to do with a few reasons. These reasons include the erosion of the conservative views and lack of trust that our elected officials hold in office. We need to fix these problems in order to get our ideas out in the open. We need to re-energize our base and find out why | Read More »

    Almost TIME to vote!

    It’s coming down to the wire now and Mr. Obama has yet to be properly vetted by any of the media outlets. The few outlets that have asked questions, like 6 abc, have been banned from further interviews with the Obama campaign. There are still some very important issues I would like answered before election day. Some of these issues are old and some of | Read More »

    Why it Doesnt matter

    As I sit at my desk during my lunch hour I look and wonder what is going on. There are countless facts and proof to back them up on why Obama is not fit to be the President of the United States. None of that matters. The only thing that matters is that Obama is a Democrat and John McCain is a Republican. Black vs | Read More »


    Today I will go through what I felt during this day seven years ago. I am putting aside all political feelings on how to handle this. This is my memory and my tribute to people who died during September 11th 2001. May god bless them. What’s amazing to me about this is that I remember that day more than any other. I remember it better | Read More »

    Why McCains speech was good

    Although McCain’s speech wasn’t as good as Palin’s he did manage to do something he is used to doing. That is, talk to the middle or the road voter. McCain being called a maverick is a good spin on someone the conservative base often disagrees with. He let Palin do the bad talking on Wednesday and this enabled him to hit home the reason he | Read More »

    My thoughts on RNC night with Palin

    After seeing the Convention coverage last night and the speeches given all I can say is WOW! The speeches were great, the tempo was great and the way they delivered (Rudy, Palin) point after point of why McCain should be president was outstanding. Last night before I went to bed I was wondering what people on the left would come up with to trump the | Read More »

    A young Republican

    During my childhood I grew up in a house full of republicans. My dad, mom, grandparents were all republicans. During High School and college I was rebelling and didn’t vote mostly because of lack of interest and not seeing how one person could affect the whole nation. Call it stupidity or ignorance, but I wasn’t even willing to listen to candidates speak on issues regarding | Read More »