Hillary Clinton MUST RESIGN!

I would love for a senator or congressman have the pair needed to say something to this effect:


“For the past two days we have watched the results of this administration’s foreign policy:

“1.  The American Embassy in Cairo puts out a tweet saying that it apologizes for a film offending Muslims that has been out for months (yes I know it just got dubbed in Arabic).  There was at first an attempted retraction, then the state department stood by the tweet.

“2.  Both the embassy in Cairo and the embassy in Benghazi were overrun by angry mobs of savages who scaled the walls, tore down our flag, replaced it with an Al Qaeda banner,  and invaded US sovereign soil.

“3.  The death of Ambassador Christopher Stevens and his staffers, seems to have been the result of his Libyan security detail first stashing him in a place of supposed safety, and then said detail alerting a group of assassins to his whereabouts.

“4.  There was not an American security detail to protect either the embassy grounds, or any US Marines present on the ground to provide protection for the ambassador and his staffers.

“5.  The security of all diplomatic outposts and embassies is the direct responsibility of the Secretary Of State.  At no time was any precautions taken or plans put into place to increase security at US embassies on the anniversary of 09-11.  Nor was there even a thought that a threat would be possible.

“6.  After the total debacle that was the Libyan embassy and the tragic loss of American lives, today the US embassy in Yemen, was breached.  Once again our flag was taken down, and replaced with an Al Qaeda banner.  By some miracle, there has been no further deaths or injuries from these acts of barbarism and war.

“The fact of the matter is this shows that the State Department of the United States is completely rudderless.  There was no coordination in releasing then retracting then standing by the tweet criticizing the film.  There was completely inadequate security at our embassies in the most dangerous regions in the world for Americans.  This lack of security led to the death of Ambassador Stevens and 3 staffers.  And even after his death, two days later our embassy in Yemen was also ransacked and invaded.  Not enough security was put into place to prevent it from happening.  The fact of the matter is this shows a total failure of leadership at the state department and the secretary of state.

“We have expected more from our Secretary Of State, and these incidents have seriously called into question her judgement.  Therefore I must regretfully call for the resignation of Hillary Clinton from her post.”

Doubt it will happen though…

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