creating JOBS

The skewed view of democrats

side from everyones differences. The main thing we need to look at is JOBS. I would like to know exactly how cutting my middle class tax is going to create jobs? I do not want my taxes cut I want jobs for the US to create spending in my restaurant. Not one democrat has been able to tell me how cutting taxes for me will create jobs and as more and more people with money- CEO’s leave the US because we have the second highest corporate tax in the world, how is raising their tax going to help this situation.. this seems like a no brainer but it appears that all the people with the “whats in it for me attitude” go for Obama. Its about “what’s in it for all of us” which means you leave our taxes alone and create more jobs for everyone. make the U.S. a lucrative place for people with money to do business and cut some corporate tax. so we create more jobs which in turn will grow small business and help create new business due to demand.

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