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    Stick a fork in Perry

    Stick a  fork in Rick Perry. He’s done. Regardless of how he did during the debate during the broadcast, the still photos of him grabbing Ron Paul by the wrist with one hand and pointing at him with the other signal the beginning of the end for his campaign before it has even started. Given Democrat proclivity to engage in Mediscare type campaigning, Republicans of | Read More »

    Ohio Redistricting Insult

    The Ohio Apportionment Board is having a series of dog and pony shows meetings with Ohioans across the state to (pretend to) get their imput.    ” The spokesman says the hearings and websites that let citizens to draw their own maps make this the most access the public has ever had to the apportionment process.”  That sounds good. Except it’s clearly not true. As I previously | Read More »

    The previous shutdown

    Can we please make sure the Republican House “Leadership” understands ONE thing about the previous government shutdown? Uncle Newty and the rest of the Republicans “lost” that battle because they caved and got NOTHING from the fight. They did not lose on the public relations front and then gave in because the battle was lost. They lost the public relations battle AFTER they lost their | Read More »

    More on Ohio Redistricting

    As previously reported, Congresswoman Marcia Fudge’s new district may link inner city Cleveland with the more heavily minority sections of Akron, linked largely by the Cuyahoga Valley National Recreation Area. This tip of the hand may give us an early look at a more general picture of redistricting in the state. I offer the following thoughts. First, I’m starting from a few assumptions which may | Read More »

    Ohio Redistricting Trial Balloon

    In the midst of the controversy over SB 5 in the Statehouse, a trial balloon was quietly floated regarding redistricting in Ohio. According to the Cleveland Plain Dealer (, a plan is being considered that would link “most of Cleveland” with “Akron’s predominantly black neighborhoods” to create a majority minority district for current Cleveland representative Marcia Fudge. On a certain level, it makes sense. But | Read More »

    Ohio Delegation Love-in

    The members of Congress from Ohio have decided to sit together as one delegation for the SOTU address. Whoopee. In one of the exceptions that proves my rule of not agreeing with the Cleveland Plain Dealer, they refer to it as “a Kumbaya moment.” That’s one way to put it. New senator Rob Portman put this entry on his Facebook page: “Proud to work with Congressman Steve LaTourette | Read More »

    DADT is gone. Now what?

    The repeal of DADT is now a done deal. So now what? Harassment complaints. Of course there will be harrassment complaints by and against homosexual service members. That much is a certainty. But beyond individual accusations, the homosexual lobby will engage in other organized efforts to further their agenda. They will not be satisfied with official acceptance. Inherent in the homosexual lobby is a demand not | Read More »


    Playing Nazi

    Eric Cantor put on a demonstration on Fox News Sunday of what a “prevent defense” looks like in politics, in part by throwing Republican Congressional candidate Rich Iott under the bus. Iott’s crime, of course, is “being photographed in a Nazi uniform.” He hasn’t been accused of being a Nazi orof harboring Nazi sympathies (at least not directly). Iott is actually part of a historical reenactment group and has | Read More »

    Seriously, the NRSC has some brass

    Apparently, the NRSC, having (ineptly) attempted to sabotage Tea Party Republicans, now wants potential contributors to think that they are best buds with Tea Partiers.  Don’t believe me? Check  this out. Of all the groups to try to hitch their wagon to the Tea Party, the NRSC should be last (at least among Republicans). I’ll give them this though – that takes some serious brass. 

    The Ganley Candidacy

    I’ve commented on this in response to a previous posting on Tom Ganley’s candidacy for the Republican nomination for U.S. Senate from Ohio, but I think it deserves its own entry to disseminate the information as widely as possible. Tom Ganley is campaigning as a conservative. That’s great. Except at least in one vital area, he hasn’t acted like one – private property rights.  Post-Kelo, | Read More »