Huntsville, AL TEA Party Express — TEA Event APR 4

    It was a little over 4 hour drive one way today and the sacrifice of an Easter Sunday. I took my little Flip HD video camera and started filming clips for a video commentary that will eventually merge footage from Huntsville and Washington D.C. TEA Events. A search this evening after returning home found some very positive reportage on the event and by extension, the | Read More »


    The bee, the liberal, and the Islamic extremist bomber.

    Common goals of the social species. The bee I’ve wondered (or maybe I’ve been “amazed” would be a better choice of words) about the selflessness found in the insect world. Specifically the colonized species, such as bees, ants, and termites which are organized to such a point of efficiency that individuality and pursuit of personal gain have been totally eradicated from their societies. One would | Read More »

    Individual freedom or all for one?

    D.C. is giddy as it argues over the division of the spoils of controlling 1/5th of the U.S. GDP and to whom and to what extent the people of the U.S. be allowed to utilize and be “asked to contribute” to national health care. I search my memory for the original cries of the electorate for the state to place its steady and benevolent hand | Read More »

    Reminiscing–Remember back when the Government was where we reported con artists?

    I just wanted to help bring to the forefront of public awareness the currently resurfaced con game that preys on the most vulnerable among us, the elderly. As is usual in these cons, the arbitrary promised reward, normally inconsequential, in this case just happens to be the ever-elusive “affordable health care” and through slight of hand the victim is somehow convinced to endorse the signing | Read More »

    To any of my friends that may be cheering the latest increases in the federal tobacco tax:

    After forty years of smoking cigarettes and cigars; chewing and dipping, quitting for days, weeks or months every few years but always picking the habit back up; I’ve finally found the weapon that even my deeply entrenched habit cannot withstand: anger. Going on about a week now, and no tobacco. The chewing gum, patch, and the packages for every other crutch available to the nicotine | Read More »

    18 states are introducing bills to place serial numbers on ammo.

    I am in receipt of a copy of Georgia’s Senate Bill 12, which I have read in its entirety. The bill’s intent is to serialize each and every bullet and casing that is used in handguns that are concealable. Many states are looking at laws similar to this but my commentary here is specific to the bill introduced by Georgia’s very own State Senator, Ronald | Read More »

    Look on the bright side.

    Hoorah! Let’s uncock our guns for a moment. We now have our new president-elect, and one small piece of possibly overlooked good news is that there is enough difference in each candidate’s tally so as not to drag this country through many punitive weeks of gut-wrenching by the barely-losing side. The biggest piece of good news is that Barack Obama has now officially removed the | Read More »

    Is man-made CO2 causing global cooling!?

    Record-breaking low temperatures and snowfalls recorded this fall have dramatically punctuated the data showing unprecedented evidence of cooling not equaled in many areas for over a century. Unsympathetic thermometers, snow accumulation, and other incongruences humorously challenge the seriousness of global warming groups as winter power outages, snowfall, and frigid temperatures preempt their symposiums and conferences. These are not isolated cases of freak fronts or other | Read More »

    Breaking News: Iran Parliament Speaker endorses Obama.

    Link on Drudge of article in Iranian Speaker, Larijani was quoted in this article, “We are leaning more in favor of Barack Obama because he is more flexible and rational..” The sheer weight of the recognition of Obama’s rationality by the standard bearer of coherency, Iran, challenges my vocabulary for words that can describe my awe. This easily trumps Obama’s magnanimous acceptance of the | Read More »


    Georgia National Fair poll results: McCain has “slight” edge.

    I was talking to a friend that went to the Georgia Nat’l Fair in Perry, Georgia this evening. He said that he was checking out the electronic zapper fly swatters at a booth near the Obama campaign booth and the only people in the booth were the two volunteers manning it. The fly swatter guy was an interesting conversationalist, so my friend watched Obama’s booth | Read More »