Obama, Ronald McDonald and other Clowns

    What is all the hubbub about a guy wearing an Obama mask anyway? People have been dressing up to look like fools throughout history and what makes today any different? Perhaps if he dressed up like Ronald McDonald, and wore a white face, things would have been different. Perhaps the bull would have bowed to the corporate giant symbolism and said, “Make me a BigMac!” | Read More »

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    The costs of Socialism

    What happens to weak nations? Stronger ones eat them! We simply cannot afford socialism and neither can the rest of the world. What will the world’s nations do, now that we have adopted the posture that they have enjoyed due to our subsidy? This is not intentioned to deride our allies. It is a perspective about where the nations of the world have found the | Read More »

    Reince Priebus… send a check to Bachmann!

    Yesterday while listening to talk radio, I heard a segment on the cash that is sitting in the vaults of the Republican Party. I have also heard that the party has given little or none of their ‘stash’ to the Michele Bachmann campaign. I don’t think I have to ask why! Bachmann is firecracker! I wish she was going to be our next President, but | Read More »

    Sacrificing Our Own.

    The news media, at least Fox News is asking why there was not adequate security, knowing fully the threat to our embassies in the Middle East and North Africa? Do you really have to ask? While it is easy to come to many a conclusion, including those with conspiratorial roots, I see it as plain as day. Chris Stevens and his accompanying US countrymen, our | Read More »

    The Magic Bus!

    Listening to my many right wing pundit friends I am reminded that regardless of the accuracy of their criticisms of President Obama they often miss the pragmatism of the moment. The fact is, that the longer that Mr. O drives around in his grenade proof million dollar imitation of public transportation, the longer he spends in Martha’s Vineyard, jet setting around deriding his own country, | Read More »